Cord-Blood Transplants Provide Fresh Hope for Leukemia Patients

An encouraging new study shows that umbilical-cord blood transplants are more successful than bone marrow or traditional blood cell transplants.

California Kids Suffering an Illness of “Biblical” Proportions?

Two cases of leprosy may have broken out in a California elementary school, prompting many parents to keep their kids home from school.

Good News – Giant Pandas Are No Longer Endangered

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has reclassified giant pandas from Endangered to Vulnerable, thanks to China’s conservation efforts.

Survey: Most Parents Following Outdated Advice for Concussions

A survey released by UCLA found that when dealing with children’s concussions, most parents are doing more harm than good by following outdated advice.

Toxic Nanoparticle Air Pollution Found in Human Brain Tissue

Recent research reveals how toxic nanoparticles have been found in abundance in human brain tissue, largely due to air pollution.

Scientists Discover a “6th Taste” Explaining Why We Love Carbs So Freakin’ Much

Now, a new study suggests that there may be a scientific reason we can not resist food loaded with carbohydrates – because they are our 6th taste.

Cuba Shows Success at Containing Zika – But at a Cost?

The Zika virus may be sweeping Central and South America, but Cuba’s efforts at declaring war on the virus seem to be winning.

Organ Donation in Wales at Peak Thanks to New Program

A new Welsh policy called “deemed consent” says that anyone residing in Wales is assumed to be eligible for organ donation unless they physically opt out.

Dog Becomes Local Celebrity for His Daily 4-Mile Commute into Town

Bruno the dog has become an iconic resident in Longville, Minnesota, thanks to his daily 4-mile trek into town to meet and greet with the locals.

Marijuana Use is Rising, and More People Consider it Harmless

More Americans are using marijuana than ever before, yet marijuana abuse has not increased, and fewer people view it as harmful.

U.K. Pledges to Phase out Microbeads in Cosmetics by the End of 2017

The U.K. government announced on September 3 that it would require cosmetics companies to phase out microplastics in their products by the end of 2017.

New Organic Gatorade is Still Loaded with Sugar – Organic Sugar

Gatorade has a new organic line of its energy drinks. They are still loaded with sugar, but that sugar is organic now. There are a few more differences.

Study: 1/4 Chicken Samples in UK Supermarkets Contain Antibiotic Resistant E. coli

A recent study has found that one in four chickens at the most common UK supermarkets contain antibiotic resistant E. coli.

Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Owner for 6 Days

A 2-year-old dog named Maya has become somewhat of a celebrity in Spain after refusing to leave the hospital where her owner is staying for over 6 days.

DEA’s Ban of Kratom is Sending Many into Fury

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is taking an herbal supplement known as kratom off of the market, upsetting many who use the plant for their health.

Denver may Allow Marijuana Use in Cafes, Concerts, Yoga Studios

In November, residents of Denver, Colorado, will vote on whether marijuana consumption should be permitted in some indoor venues.

Why Did the FDA Recently Ban 19 Chemicals Found in Antibacterial Soaps?

The FDA has given companies a year to remove 19 antibacterial chemicals from hand soaps and body washes, including triclosan, a potential hormone disruptor.