Doctors: Maybe You Shouldn’t Finish that Course of Antibiotics After All

Over 70 years ago, the doctor who discovered penicillin, said it was necessary to finish a course of antibiotics. A group of doctors now questions that.

Commission to Trump: Declare National Emergency over Opioid Epidemic

President Trump’s opioid commission is recommending that Trump issue a national state of emergency over the opioid epidemic.

These Shoes are Made of Algae, and They Help Clean This Lake in China

Two companies are helping to clean China’s Lake Taihu by pulling algae from the water, transforming it into pellets, and using those pellets to make shoes.

EWG: Most ‘Safe’ U.S. Tap Water Contaminated, Anything But Risk-Free

An analysis of drinking water systems across the U.S. shows that every single zip code looked at contained some type of contaminant.

“Seductively” Labeling Vegetables Makes People Eat More of Them

If you have a hard time getting your kids to eat vegetables, researchers have a suggestion for you: make them sound more “seductive.”

Study: Nearly 40% of Canned Goods Still Contain Gender-Bending BPA Chemical

Supermarkets and dollar stores are still selling canned foods containing the endocrine-disrupting chemical, BPA, including Kroger’s and Albertson’s.

Monsanto Emails Raise More Questions About Collusion and Roundup Safety

A fresh batch of Monsanto documents raise more questions about whether or not the company suppressed information showing Roundup causes cancer.

Survey: 42% of People Replaced Pharmaceuticals with Marijuana Compounds

The largest survey to date on cannabidiol (CBD) use shows nearly half of respondents were able to replace traditional treatments with the cannabis product.

Fewer Dying from 3 of the 5 Leading Causes of Death in the U.S.

Between 2010-2014, fewer people died from 3 of the 5 leading causes of death in the U.S. – cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

WHO Ranks Antibiotics to Fight Life-Threatening Antibiotic Resistance

The World Health Organization has made the biggest changes in 40 years to its Essential Medicines List in an effort to tackle drug resistance.

Researchers in U.S. Revive Cryogenically Frozen Life

Researchers in the U.S. have figured out how to revive cryogenically frozen zebra fish by replacing their body fluid with an antifreeze molecule.

Blowing out Birthday Candles = 1400% More Bacteria. Yum!

Clemson University researchers have discovered that blowing out birthday candles increases the bacterial contamination on a cake by 1,400%.

Scientists Use CRISPR to Edit Human Embryos in U.S. for First Time

A team of scientists in Oregon have genetically modified human embryos for the first time in the United States using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool.

Perdue Farms Releases First Chicken Welfare Report, Says Improvements Being Made

In its first progress report, Perdue Farms says it has made great strides towards raising and producing its chickens more safely and more humanely.

NFL Extends Offer to Work With Union to Study Medical Marijuana

In an letter to the NFL players union, the NFL offered to team up to study medical marijuana as a treatment for both acute and chronic pain in players.

Did an EPA Official Collude with Monsanto by Tilting Research?

The EPA’s inspector general is investigating allegations that a former EPA official colluded with Monsanto to hide evidence that glyphosate causes cancer.

15 Million Americans may be Drinking Water Contaminated with PFCs

About 15 million people in 27 states may have drinking water contaminated with perfluorochemicals that come from primarily industrial and military sites.