Viral Photo of Dad and Son Shows Dedication to Parenthood

A picture went viral of a father sleeping under their 20-month-old son’s crib in the hospital after his son had suffered a severe asthma attack.

Marijuana Opponents Ditch Battle over Potency of THC (Psychoactive) Compound

Citing a lack of financial resources, a marijuana-opposition group in Colorado has abandoned its efforts to limit the amount of THC in legal pot products.

Alzheimer’s May Soon Be Detected with an Eye Exam

Exciting new research shows that in may be possible in the near future to detect Alzheimer’s with a simple eye examination.

Stunning Viral Video Shows Whales and Dolphins Playing

Gorgeous drone footage, captured in 2014, shows humpback whales and dolphins playing with each other in what appears to be a game of tag.

Archaeologists Find Monkeys Have Been Using Tools for 700 Years

New evidence is showing that primates have been using tiny hammers and other tools to open cashews for over 700 years. Neat, huh?

This Deadly Bacteria Can Enter Your Body By a Mere Sniff

Scientists have discovered that simply ingesting a certain bacteria can kill you. The bacteria is called Burkholderia pseudomallei, spurring a disease known as melioidosis.

Cancer Study Halted After 3 People Die

A cancer therapy trial involving genetically engineered immune cells and a chemotherapy drug was halted after 3 patients died from brain swelling.

Study Reveals Some Awesome News for Gardeners Everywhere

Researchers have come to the conclusion that gardening is actually beneficial to your health, helping to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and more.

Malaysian Man’s Photos Show Abandoned Fukushima “Exclusion Zone”

A Malaysian photographer says he snuck into the deserted “exclusion zone” in Fukushima, Japan, to show the aftermath of the disaster that occurred in 2011.

Strangers Rally for Superhero Sketches for Boy with Cancer

Three-year-old Ben Austin is battling cancer, and loves superheros. So his cousin had people send sketches of superheroes to help him through the hard times.

Malnourished “Vegan Baby” Removed from Parents’ Custody

A growing number of children in Italy are suffering serious health problems and dying because their parents are feeding them an improper vegan diet.

CDC Urges Spraying Chemicals to Rid of Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

Due to the spreading of the Zika virus, the Centers for Disease Control is urging Puerto Rico to spray the affected area with pesticides for protection.

The Superfruit that May Hold the Fountain of Youth

A new study has shown that pomegranates may actually be able to help slow down the aging process, thanks to the molecule urolithin A.

Scientists Identify Neurons that Tell You to Stop Drinking

Scientists say that they have now identified a particular neuron that once activated, can help a person stop drinking alcohol.

Study: Breast Cancer Survivors Who Exercise Have Fewer Memory Problems

A new report found that women who had survived breast cancer and exercised regularly reported fewer memory problems than those who didn’t exercise.

Utah Woman First Zika-Related Death in the Continental US

Utah health officials have confirmed that an elderly woman who passed away in late June has died after contracting the Zika virus.

San Diego Teens Serve Hot Meals to Homeless

The San Diego based Burrito Boyz have been serving up hot meals to the homeless of San Diego for years now. So far, they’ve served up 132,000 meals.