Can This Little-Known Pine Bark ‘Solve’ Skin Aging?

Worried about skin aging? Natural substances such as maritime pine bark can reduce the damage caused by UV radiation, a major contributor to skin aging.

Dairy Allergies: Why Do So Many Children Suffer from Them?

Over the past several decades, children have developed dairy allergies at an ever-increasing rate. What is so different about today’s dairy products?

Amy’s Kitchen to Launch First Non-GMO, Organic Drive-Thru

Amy’s Kitchen is launching the first 100 percent non-GMO, organic-based drive-thru that will offer a host of locally sourced meals.

Genetically Modified Moths Released in New York

Biotech company Oxitec has released genetically engineered diamondback moths in New York as part of an outdoor trial, and New Yorkers are mad.

Guess How Many Calories Are in a Typical Fast Food Meal

Can you guess just how many calories that fast food restaurants like to put in their mass-consumed food? It is probably WAY more than you think.

“Smart” Villages Incorporate High-Tech and Sustainable Agriculture

Some parts of the world are moving toward high-tech ecological and ‘smart-villages’ where sustainability is high priority. This is the way we need to go.

Natural Society Launches Organic Non-GMO Cookbook & Shopping Guide

We decided to release a new non-GMO cookbook so that anyone and everyone can escape GMOs for good with wholesome, nutritionally-rich meals.

150 Food Companies, Restaurants, Hospitals, and Drug Companies to Phase out Antibiotics

About 150 food processors, restaurant chains, hospitals, and drug companies are vowing to phase out the use of meat from antibiotic-fed animals.

French Minister Asks Stores to Stop Selling Round Up

France’s ecology minister recently voiced that Monsanto’s Round Up should not be sold in garden shops since it is potentially harmful to human beings.

FDA Phasing Out Trans Fats Due to Health Concerns

The FDA is finally taking action against trans fats, requiring that companies phase out the artery-clogging, heart disease-igniting ingredient.

15 Million Americans Suffer from Food Allergies: Could GMOs be to Blame?

Food allergies like gluten intolerance affect more than 15 million Americans, and the cost for treating children’s food allergies will be $25 billion/year.

Pope Francis Denounces GMOs and Pesticides

In a major environmental paper draft leaked a few days ago, Pope Francis calls GMOs and pesticides both environmentally and socially ‘significant’ problems.

Why People in these 5 Countries Live Longer

Did you know that in certain parts of the world, individuals have been found to live particularly long lives? One reason for this will surprise you.

8 Common Kitchen Spices that Are Healing Superfoods

Want to use everyday, natural foods to boost overall health? Here are 8 healing herbs and spices that everyone should have in the kitchen.

90% Of All Tobacco Is Full of Pesticides, Herbicides, and GMOs

Most tobacco crops are doused with toxic herbicides. What’s more, a large portion of tobacco is genetically modified, making it even more dangerous.

The Average American Woman Now Weighs As Much As 1960s Man

Here’s a disturbing reality: the average woman in America now weighs as much as the average American male weighed in 1960.

Feds Still have No Idea How Illegal GM Wheat Got Into this Montana Field

It has been a year since illegal, unexpected GM wheat was found growing at a Montana State University test lab field. We still do not know where it came from.