Think Twice Before Using a Wire Bristle Brush to Clean Your Grill…

A new study identified more than 1,600 injuries from wire-bristle grill brushes reported in ERs since 2002. Be careful when grilling!

This ‘Sleeping Habit’ is Vital to Memory Formation, Study Says

Researchers report that without the deep sleep of a REM cycle, the brain fails to organize and coordinate spatial and emotional memory.

Hostess Recalls Thousands of Items Due to Peanut Risk

Hostess Brand, which produces the famous Twinkie snack cake, has recalled 710,000 cases of food products over possible presence of peanut residue.

Teen Brings Awareness to ‘Invisible Illness’ with Viral Facebook Post

Nineteen-year-old Aimee Rouski recently had a Facebook post go viral when she showed the world that anyone could be dealing with ‘invisible diseases.’

How Melatonin Could Help Those with Autism

It is reported that more than half of the people diagnosed with autism have insufficient melatonin levels. Could increasing levels provide relief?

Kashi Recalls Bars over Sunflower Seed-Listeria Link

Kashi bars are the latest product to be recalled due to a possible outbreak of listeria in the sunflower seeds they use in some of their foods.

Zika May Be Spread Through Oral Sex

French scientists now believe that it is possible to spread the Zika virus through oral sex, even through simple deep kissing.

Study: How to Turn Fat-Storing Cells into Fat-Burning Cells

Researchers in Japan found that oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids turned “bad” fat cells into healthy ones that burn calories.

Association: Fruit, Veggie Consumption While Young Reduces Cancer Risk Later

The results of a massive new study suggest that teen girls who consume plenty of fruits and veggies significantly cut their risk of future breast cancer.

How to Keep Ticks off of You, and Get Rid of Them if Needed

Reduce your chances of getting a tickborne disease by using repellents, checking for ticks, and … drying your clothes?

This Natural Food Combo may Beat Steroids in Treating Chronic Cough

Research shows that honey and coffee may relieve persistent cough better than corticosteroids or other prescription medicines.

FDA Hopes Restaurants, Companies Will Agree to Reduce Salt in Food

The FDA is hoping that restaurants and food companies will comply with proposed voluntarily guidelines intended to reduce Americans’ sodium intake.

US Mainlands Sees First Baby Born with Zika-Linked Microcephaly

The second baby with Zika-lined microcephaly was born in the United States in New Jersey on June 1.

Monsanto Must Pay $46.5 Million in Damages in PCB-Lymphoma Case

Last week, a St. Louis Circuit Court jury awarded $46.5 million to 3 plaintiffs who alleged that PCBs made by Monsanto caused cancer.

General Mills Recalls 10 Million Pounds of Flour over E. Coli Outbreak

General Mills has recalled an estimated 10 million pounds of flour over fears that they contain the E. coli bacterium. Over 38 people have been stricken with the bacterium in over 20 states.

NYC Salt Labeling Rule Becomes Enforceable Starting June 6

Starting June 6, 2015 chain restaurants in New York City must include a symbol next to dishes containing excessive amounts of salt, or they can be fined $200,

Taiwan Recalls Quaker Oats After Finding Traces Of Glyphosate

Taiwan has recalled Quaker Oats after glyphosate was detected in amounts exceeding the nation’s legal limits in 10 out of 36 products.