Machines Help People with Spinal Injuries Regain Mobility

Recent research from the Walk Again Project found that those who had lost mobility saw great improvement after interacting with a robot.

Your Brain Has Two “Time-Keeping Devices” for Sleep

A new Belgian study shows that people rely on two different internal “time keeping devices” to regulate their sleep patterns.

Grandchildren of Those with Depression Have Threefold Risk of the Disorder

New research suggests that those who have grandparents with major depressive disorder (MDD) have a threefold risk of developing the disorder themselves.

Could Being Hospitalized with Infections Lead to Higher Suicide Risk?

A new Danish study has found that people who have been hospitalized for a serious infection are at a higher risk for suicide.

Your Tap Water Is Likely Contaminated with Industrial Chemicals

Millions of Americans have drinking water that is contaminated with industrial chemicals linked to cancer, thyroid problems, and many other health problems.

91-year-old Man in Hospice Knits Hats for the Homeless

Morrie Boogart, 91, may be in hospice care in his hometown of Grandville, Michigan, but that hasn’t stopped him from knitting hats for the homeless.

These 7 Turmeric Brands are Being Recalled Due to Lead Contamiantion

There are now 6 more brands of turmeric being recalled due to lead contamination. So far, there have been no illnesses or injuries reported.

DEA Says Marijuana Will Remain Illegal at the Federal Level

The Drug Enforcement Administration announced on August 11 that marijuana would remain illegal under federal law, while remaining a Schedule I substance.

Study: Women Feel Better than Ever About their Bodies

A new study shows that while women’s confidence in their bodies was still generally lower than men, it has been positively increasing over time.

This is Absolutely Key to Being Immune to Stress

A new study shows that older adults who have a positive view of aging handle stress better than those who see getting older as a negative thing.

The PSA Prostate Cancer Test: Should You Get Tested?

A new study shows that cases of advanced prostate cancer are increasing dramatically, and suggests that more men should be screened.

23andMe Study Finds Genetic Ties to Depression

Gene-testing company 23andMe has made a major breakthrough in the study of depression, linking 15 regions of the human genome to the issue.

Poll: Blindness Big Fear Amongst Americans; Emphasizes Vision Care

A new poll by Research!America has indicated that Americans fear blindness as much as they fear Alzheimer’s, cancer, and HIV/AIDS.

McDonald’s Makes Positive Food Changes Due to Demand for Healthy Food

McDonald’s has been in the news a lot this month, thanks to big changes the fast-food company is making to several of its menu offerings.

Scientists Progress in Tackling Tropical Diseases that Affect 20 Million

Scientists now think they are one step closer to treating three diseases: Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and human African trypanosomiasis.

Study Reveals ‘Best and Worst’ States to Have a Baby

Taking into account cost of birth, prevalence of childcare, and infant mortality rate, a study reveals the best and worst states to have a baby.

Just How Gross is Double Dipping?

How disgusting is double dipping? In one study, dip is carefully studied before and after someone dips their chips into it. Here are the results.