Breast Cancer Patient Protesting Big Pharma’s ‘Death Sentence’ Arrested Outside TPP Talks

Breast cancer patient Zahara Heckscher was arrested for ‘disrupting’ negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal that would hurt many cancer patients.

Judge Rules NYC Children Do NOT Need a Flu Shot for Preschools, Day Cares

A Manhattan judge has overturned a policy that would bar preschoolers who haven’t received the flu vaccine from entering city preschools and day cares.

Breaking News! Monsanto’s DARK ACT Stopped Dead in its Tracks in Congress

HR Bill 1599, also known as the DARK ACT (Monsanto’s favorite bill that would ruin GMO labeling initiatives) has been stopped cold in Congress.

Chemical Banned Nearly 30 Years Ago Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

A pesticide banned in the late 1980s was found in the brains of men with Parkinson’s disease who reported drinking more than 2 glasses of milk a day.

Study: 3-4 Cups of Coffee Per Day may cut Type 2 Diabetes Risk

Scientists have linked drinking 3-4 cups a coffee a day to a decreased risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Popular Vermont College Course on Medical Marijuana Faces Challenges

The University of Vermont is offering a course on medical marijuana, but due to a lack of scientific testing, professors say they are struggling to teach on the subject.

Taiwan Bans GMOs in School Meals Due to Health Risks

Taiwan recently passed legislation which prohibits any food containing genetically modified ingredients from being served to children at school lunches.

Energy Companies Sued Over 2011 Oklahoma Quake want the Case Dismissed

Two energy companies are trying to distance themselves from a lawsuit alleging they caused a 2011 earthquake that injured an Oklahoma woman.

Law Enforcement may Soon Have Breathalyzers to Measure Marijuana Impairment

A new breathalyzer that can determine how impaired someone is from smoking marijuana is set to go into clinical trials early next year.

Will Sugar Soon be Genetically Modified to ‘Help Fight Skin Cancer?’

Will a rare form of sugar known as L-fucose soon be genetically engineered in order to ‘help treat skin cancer?’

‘Cubosomes’ in Coffee Could Offer All-Day Energy in Just 1 Cup

Nestle claims to have created a way for people to get an all-day caffeine boost from a single cup of coffee via a slow-release method using cubosomes.

Leaked Emails Prove Coca-Cola Was Paying for Propaganda Promoting Sugary Drinks

Coca-Cola has been caught donating to ‘charities’ that published propaganda telling people that sugary drinks are not to blame for obesity and other diseases.

New Monsanto Chemical Silences Genes to Kill Bugs: Will They Silence Yours, Too?

Agrichemical giant Monsanto is working on a new form of pesticides, one which works by silencing genes through the utilization of new technology.

Superbugs are on the Rise, and so is the Sale of Antibiotics for Livestock

It seems that U.S. sales of medically-important antibiotics approved for use in livestock is on the rise, but so is the growth of unstoppable super-bacteria.

Whistleblower Says She Was Fired from Hospital for Pointing Out Patient Safety Concerns

A whistleblowing nurse who used to work at a Kaiser hospital says that she was fired for looking after patients’ health.

Big News! Hawaii’s Big Island Moves Closer to Being GMO-Free!

Hot off the presses – Mayor Kenoi on the Big Island, in Hawaii, recently signed Bill 113 into law, prohibiting genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Mexico Issues First Permit Allowing Some to Grow, Use Recreational Marijuana

Mexican health authorities issued the first permit allowing 4 people to grow and use their own marijuana for recreational purposes.