Doctors in Australia Ordered to Prescribe Fewer Antidepressants

Antidepressants don’t work in 40% of Australians who take the drugs, and doctors are being told to hand out fewer prescriptions.

Balloons You Can Swallow – New Weight Loss Device

Now, losing weight may be as simple as swallowing a pill with a balloon inside of it – a device made by California company Obalon to curb appetite.

Study: This Activity may Cut Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer!

A new study of more than 1 million people shows that physical exercise cuts your risk of 13 types of cancer. Time to get moving!

Survey: U.S. Prison Inmates go Outside more than 33% of Kids in the UK

The UN requires that inmates in maximum security prisons get 1 hour of outdoor time, but some parents say they can’t even force their kids to play outside.

Not Everyone is Happy With the CDC’s Recently Updated Opioid Guidelines

CDC’s new guidelines for prescribing opioids are intended to prevent addiction and deaths from overdose, but not everyone is pleased.

Antibiotic Made from Component of Breast Milk Kills Bacteria at Warp Speed

Scientists recently developed an antibiotic from a fragment of a protein found in human breast milk, and they believe it could be the solution to drug-resistant superbugs.

Is a Soda Tax the Solution to Reducing Sugar-Consumption Worldwide?

Health experts in Australia say that the country should follow the UK in introducing a tax on sugary soft drinks. Is a soda tax the solution to reducing sugar consumption?

279 Pregnant Women in the USA with Zika CDC Reports

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated the way it reports pregnancies in carriers of Zika, with 279 pregnant women now being positive carriers for Zika.

Good News: Opioid Prescriptions Down for 1st Time in 20 Years

For the first time since OxyContin hit the market in 1996, prescriptions for opioids are down. Are doctors finally heeding government warnings?

my.Flow Reminds Women to Change their Tampon

When the my.Flow hits the market, women will be electronically reminded to change their tampon for the low price of $50.

Study: Rosemary Oil Could Help Improve Your Memory

A new study finds that rosemary oil and peppermint tea help seniors improve their memory, and chamomile tea fosters calm and contentment.

Conjoined Twins Undergo Separation Surgery, Healthy Enough to go Home

Last month, a pair of identical twins underwent an incredibly long surgery to separate them. The girls have now been released to the care of a local Ronald McDonald House.

Holocaust Survivor and Veteran Reunite After 71 Years

Here is a video of an incredible moment in the lives of two brave men: the reunion of a World War II veteran who helped liberate Dachau and a man who was imprisoned there.

Common Artificial Sweetener Poisonous to Dogs, FDA Warns

The Food and Drug Administration is warning that a sweetener called Xylitol, which can be found in many sugar free gums, is poisonous to dogs.

Researchers: Diversity in Soil Imperative for Supporting Ecosystems

Soil microbiota diversity (including earthworms) is vital for healthy food and ecosystems. Pesticides damage essential soil microbiota.

Long-Time Vegetarians may Have Altered DNA – This is What it Means

Researchers have found that people who eat a long-term vegetarian diet may have DNA mutations raising their cancer risk and changing nutritional needs.

Scientists Outline 6 ‘No Duh’ Habits that Will Shorten our Lives

Researchers have released a list of 6 deadly sins they say are most likely to shorten your life. Avoid them and experience a longer, healthier life.