This Baby Born with His Brain Outside His Skull Will Inspire You

The odds were stacked against a little boy who was born with his brain outside his skull, but he is triumphing, thanks to a groundbreaking procedure.

Intelligent Robot in Russia Makes Great Escape…Again

A Russian robot with artificial intelligence escaped for a SECOND time this week, and now its handlers are thinking of scrapping it.

Ten Pregnant Women in Dallas Have Suspected Zika Cases

Ten pregnant women in the Dallas area are suspected to have Zika, though none of them have developed it from a mosquito bite while in Texas.

Diabetes Drug Fights Alzheimer’s – Is It All Hype?

Some UK news outlets are saying medications used for diabetes could stop the effects of dementia, but the National Health Services is warning the public against the hype.

Researchers Discover “Chatty” Gene that Makes People Socialble

Researchers have discovered a “chatty” gene that makes people more sociable. Scientists say it could lead to new treatments for autism and other social disorders.

New App Offers Birth Control Without Doctor Visit

Women may now be able to order birth control from their local pharmacy or even straight to their home address by simply using a new app.

Great Value and Bountiful Harvest Frozen Veggies Recalled Due to Listeria

The National Frozen Food Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of some of its frozen peas and mixed vegetables due to a possible listeria contamination.

Texas Man Has Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Brian Parrott, 50, from San Jacinto, Texas is now in the hospital struggling to survive after contracting flesh-eating bacteria believed to be vibrio.

Boost Your Memory by Doing This Soon After Studying

Exercise has long been associated with good brain health, but a new study shows that working out shortly after studying may help you retain memories.

New Blood Test Can Predict a Heart Attack Within 5 Years

An inexpensive, simple test could help doctors determine whether a patient is at risk of having a heart attack within the next 5 years.

Free Meals from Drug Companies Influence how Doctors Prescribe Drugs

A new study shows that when a drug company gives a doctor just 1 free, cheap meal, it influences the doctor to prescribe the company’s promoted drug.

Need a Diagnosis? Dr. Google Wants to Help

Starting this week, people who search symptoms on Google using the mobile site, or its iOS and Android apps, will find more specific, relevant information.

Zika Vaccine to Begin Testing on Humans in Coming Weeks

Two pharmaceutical companies have confirmed that human trials for a Zika vaccine will begin within the next few weeks.

Yellow Fever Epidemic in Congo; 1000 Suspected Cases

A yellow fever epidemic has been declared in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with 67 confirmed cases and 1000 suspected. There have been 5 deaths so far.

Exciting Study: Memory Loss from Alzheimer’s May Be Reversible

Recent research is showing memory can be rebuilt and symptoms of Alzheimer’s can actually be reversed if patients follow a specific protocol.

High Doses of Vitamin D Can Reduce Inflammation in MS Patients

High doses of vitamin D have been shown to help the immune systems of people with MS and may benefit people with pain and autoimmune disorders.

Obamacare Premiums Set to Spike Again in 2017

The Kaiser Family Foundation is warning that Obamacare insurance premiums are set to go up yet again, making life more difficult for many.