Some Chemicals Used in Cleaning Linked to Thyroid Cancer

Exposure to common chemical disinfectants, sanitizers, sterilizers, and deodorizers may increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer.

Study: Recreational Running May Be Good for Your Hips and Knees

In a recent study, recreational running was shown to help osteoarthritis of the knees and hips, adding to the many health benefits of this aerobic activity.

Are These GMO Meatless Burgers Safe to Eat? The FDA Isn’t Sure

The FDA would not certify all of the ingredients in the Impossible Burger GRAS (generally recognized as safe) but Impossible Foods launched it anyway.

Common Pesticide may Prevent Bumblebee Queens from Laying Eggs

A common neonicotinoid pesticide may hinder the ability of bumblebee queens to lay eggs, potentially leading to colony collapse.

Breastfeeding: A Natural Way to Prevent Endometrial Cancer

An analysis of 17 previous studies shows breastfeeding for 6-9 months decreases a mother’s risk of developing endometrial cancer.

Terminally Ill Children May Be Saved by New Treatment

A recently-released drug known as Spinraza holds promise in helping to treat spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic disease affecting the nervous system.

Studies Suggest Yoga Helps Depression Sufferers Feel Better

Four studies presented to the nation’s largest group of psychologists show that yoga can improve depression symptoms and overcome unhealthy eating patterns.

No, Coconut Oil is NOT Unhealthy

Some news headlines are claiming that coconut oil is unhealthy, but the reality is that this oil is rich in healthful fats, offering numerous benefits.

How TV Food Ads Penetrate the Brains of Children as Young as 2 Years Old

Researchers have found that preschool-age children who watch food ads on TV consume about 120 extra calories a day.

The Opioid Crisis Deemed a National Emergency: So What Happens Now?

The Trump administration has declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency. What does that mean, and is there any reason for concern?

Living in the Country Reduces Risk of Dying from Cancer by 29%

A recent study shows that people with bowel cancer who live in the country have a 29% lower chance of dying from the disease.

Whoa! Study Finds Energy Drinks to be a Gateway Drug?

Shocking new research suggests that energy drinks may be a gateway drug to harder substances, including cocaine and non-prescription stimulants.

CPSC Issues Fidget Spinner Safety Guidance for Buyers, Businesses

Fidget spinners have become a huge trend in toys, but they can be dangerous to children of all ages, prompting the CPSC to issue a fidget spinner guidance.

Sad: Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons of Plastic in 67 Years

Humans have produced 9 billion tons of plastic since 1950, and our inability to cope with the waste on land and in the ocean puts the environment in peril.

Toddlers who Drink Non-Cow’s Milk may be Shorter than Their Peers

A study finds that young children who drink non-cow’s milk may be shorter than their peers, and researchers don’t know if it carries over into adulthood.

CDC: The Smoking Rate Dropped to 15% in 2015

New numbers released this week by the CDC show that people are quitting smoking at the fastest rate in 20 years.

Professor: Here is Why Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs are Causing Headaches

LED lights have exploded in popularity over last decade, but the bulbs constantly flicker, causing some people to suffer headaches and other side effects.