Study: 80% of Parents Giving Kids too Much/too Little Liquid Medications

Language barriers and confusing units of measurement often lead to parents giving their kids too much liquid medicine, but a simple syringe might fix that.

California Considers Energy-Saving Rules for Computers

California is on its way to becoming the first state in the nation with energy standards for computers and monitors, which account for 3% of home electric bills.

American Food Insecurity on the Decline but Still Widespread

U.S. food insecurity in 2015 fell since 2013, but some 15.8 million U.S. families still lack enough food for active, healthy lives for all their members.

Woot! Costa Rica Has Been Running Solely on Renewable Electricity Again … for 80 Days

Costa Rica has hit a new milestone, running on 100 percent renewable energy for the past two months solid. It is an amazing achievement.

Stunning Video Depicts Bacteria Evolving, Becoming Resistant to Antibiotics

Researchers have made a short film that actually depicts bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics, allowing us to see evolution first-hand.

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in a 4th Person in the U.S.

A Connecticut toddler is carrying an antibiotic-resistant form of E. coli, making her the 4th person in the U.S. found to be harboring the superbug.

Want Gluten-Free? Cafe Owner Says Sure – But Only if You Have a Doctor’s Note

Dubliners are variously amused or outraged by the White Moose Cafe owner’s sharp humor about vegans, screaming babies, and other ‘annoyances.

Mother Granted Permission to Give Birth to Dead Daughter’s Baby After Legal Battle

After fighting a legal battle for years, a woman in the UK was just granted permission to give birth to her daughter’s baby – using her dead daughter’s frozen eggs.

FDA Investigates 89+ Cases Hepatitis A Linked to Strawberry Smoothies

The FDA is working with the C DC and local and state officials to investigate the recent string of sickened individuals caused by frozen strawberries sourced from Egypt.

About 3% of People Can’t Recognize Voices, Study Says

A new study examining a condition called phonagnosia, where individuals can’t recognize voices, says 3 percent of people can not recognize voices – and they may not even know it.

Scientist ‘Makes History’ by Eating 1st-Ever CRISPR Gene-Edited Meal

The first-ever genetically engineered meal has been consumed and nobody died, but is this win for science also a threat to humanity?

Genetically Modified Mustard Steps Closer to Approval in India

An assessment by India’s Environment Ministry shows thatGM mustard is nutritionally equal to standard mustard and poses no health or environmental threats.

“Maybe it’s Not the Gluten,” Study Says to the Public

While the gluten-free diet trend has spiked, the number of people who suffer from Celiac disease – characterized by a gluten intolerance – remains stable.

NY Police Seize HUGE 8-Foot-Tall Marijuana Plants in Big Bust

Police in East New York recently busted a man for growing over 80 marijuana plants, some of which were more than 8 feet tall.

Fentanyl Maker is Fighting Legal Marijuana in Arizona with Big Bucks

An embattled pharmaceutical company that manufactures fentanyl donated $500,000 to stop marijuana from being legalized in Arizona.

Even Legal Levels of Glyphosate Herbicide may Harm Freshwater Ecosystems

Glyphosate and other chemicals found in herbicides like Roundup are harming freshwater ecosystems, particularly a type of green algae.

Baker’s Scoop HEB 100% Whole Wheat Flour Recalled Due to Foreign Matter

The Baker’s Scoop HEB 100% Whole Wheat Flour’s 5-pound packages have been recalled due to foreign material found in some of the bags.