Study Shows Some Genes Activate After Death

A new study shows that life goes on after death, at least for your genes. For some animals, their genes may remain turned on for up to 4 days after death.

Study: Doctors’ Hand Washing Habits Putting Patients at Risk

A study found that healthcare professionals often neglect proper hygiene, and dramatically increase hand hygiene compliance when being openly evaluated.

New Research into Animal Brains Helps Us Understand them Better

From livestock to household pets, experts are working to better understand the behavior of animals so that they can better serve them and care for them.

New Study Links Prenatal BPA Exposure to Obesity in Young Girls

In a new study, researchers uncovered a link between BPA levels in pregnant mothers’ urine and obesity in girls up to age 7.

Researchers Link Certain Conflict Responses to Health Problems

How angry you get, and how often you get angry, could be an indicator of the types of illnesses you’ll face in the future. Take it easy…

107-Year-Old Woman Donates Corneas to Younger Patient

A 107-year-old Scottish woman was able to save the sight of a younger patient by donating her corneas, even after her death.

Study: Canned Foods Linked to Excessive BPA Exposure

A recent study shows that many canned goods still have high levels of bisphenol-A (BPA), and consuming them can put our bodies at risk.

Researchers to Monitor Zika Virus in Olympic Athletes

With the Olympics taking place in Brazil, one of the hotbeds for Zika activity, researchers will be monitoring exposure on a small sample of Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Which Bugs Are Hitching a Ride on This Subway?

Subways are full of germs, but a study of the Boston T found few dangerous microbes. Still, you might want to wash your hands when you get off the train.

Study: 10% of UK Parents Giving Toddlers Adult-Size Portions

A new study has found that 10 percent of UK parents are giving their toddlers adult-sized food portions instead of those appropriate to their age.

California Will Likely Strike it Rich if Marijuana is Legalized

If California voters approve a ballot initiative in November legalizing recreational marijuana, the state stands to bring in $1 billion in taxes.

3 Reasons the Olympics in Rio are Evolving into a Nightmare

A superbug has been detected by Brazilian scientists in an area where sailing is set to take place at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Many Clinics Offering Unproven Stem Cell Therapies

A new study has shown that hundreds of clinics in the United States are falsely advertising stem cell treatments for everything from autism to breast augmentation.

Stem Cell Fillings Could ‘Put an End to Root Canals’

Dental fillings with stem cell technology have recently been announced by researchers, which could put an end to root canals forever.

Possibly Rabid Animal Bites Walmart Customers

At least 2 people were bitten by an animal presumed to have rabies outside a Walmart in Westerly, Rhode Island on the 4th of July.

Study Shows that Primary Schools are Heavily Influenced by Junk Food Ads

A new study found that children ages 8 to 12 linked junk food with having a good time, with TV commercials for junk food leading to heavy cravings.

Shocking Finding: Pasta Consumption Associated with SLIMMER Waist

Italian researchers have found that consuming small amounts of pasta does not cause weight gain or obesity, contrary to what we are normally told.