Push ‘Benefits’ of GMO Crops, a Report from the UK Says

A report from the UK House of Commons supports the British government’s plan to push GMO crops, though is silent on which crops will be grown.

Coming Soon: The ‘Microwave’ Diet Device that Counts Calories Instantly

Researchers for General Electric are working on a machine that will use microwaves to instantly analyze how many calories are in a plate of food.

California City Mandates Free Medical Marijuana for Poor

Berkeley, California recently passed an ordinance that requires medical marijuana dispensaries to provide charitable pot to poor patients in need.

The Crimes of Putting Toddlers and Infants on Psychotropics

The epidemic of giving children toxic psychiatric pharmaceuticals has dipped even lower, as children under one year of age are being medicated.

Monsanto Hides Toxicity Test Results on RoundUp, Calling them ‘Commercial Secret’

Monsanto is refusing to release to the public lab tests on RoundUp as they are ‘secret’, which gave the company authority to use glyphosate in China.

Study Ranks Healthiest ‘Powerhouse’ Vegetables, Which is #1?

A new study sheds light on the top ranking powerhouse vegetables. Watercress tops the list, but which other vegetables or fruit compete?

3 Natural Ways to Beat the Bloat

No matter how you cut it: bloating is uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are things you can do to treat bloating naturally – here are 3 solutions.

Analysis Says to Avoid 17 Chemical Classes to Prevent Breast Cancer

A study identifies 17 specific classes of chemicals that women should avoid in order to prevent breast cancer. Avoiding the toxins will boost health, too.

Melissa Etheridge, Cancer Survivor and Rock Star Urged Passage of Medical Marijuana Bill in NY

A cancer survivor, Melissa Etheridgeon pressured the Governor of New York to legalize medical marijuana use for numerous diseases. The bill passed.

GMO Bananas to Boost Vitamin A Arrive for First Test in Iowa

Human trials for the Vitamin-A boosting GMO banana have begun in Iowa. with volunteers offering up their blood samples after eating bits of GMO bananas.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Reduces Progression to Diabetes by 1/3

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine called Tianqi has been shown to halt the progression of prediabetes to full-blown diabetes by a whopping 30 percent.

Don’t Call them Weeds: Why Volunteer Plants may be more Important than You Think

A growing number of people are starting to see the value in weeds, weeds which actually offer medicinal value and can be consumed.

Hope for Fukushima? New Technology Offered for Mere Dollars to Remove Radioactive Particles

The Keshe Foundation offers people around the world a new technology to remove radioactive contamination for mere dollars. But can they be trusted?

White House Admits to Fake Vaccine Campaigns to Steal DNA

The White House has admitted to an incredibly nefarious campaign – faking vaccination programs across the country while covertly stealing your DNA.

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Processed foods may be cheap, but they aren’t healthful. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be pricey. Here are 5 tips for eating healthy – on a budget.

Avocados: The Health Benefits and Grow-ability

Are you aware of the health benefits of avocados? Here is why you should absolutely be eating avocados if you aren’t already.

10 Great Things About Hemp You Really Need to Know

Hemp is an amazingly beneficial plant with countless uses. Aside from being safe, here are 10 more great things about hemp you really should know.