Here’s Why Labels are Going on Marijuana Edibles in Colorado

Both marijuana edibles and their packaging must now be labeled with “THC” in Colorado to make them look distinctive. Here is why.

Did a Utah Hospital Charge a Couple $40 to Hold Their Newborn?

A photo of a hospital bill appearing to charge $40 for skin-to-skin contact between a couple and their newborn son has gone viral.

First Time Ever: U.S. Adds Bees to Endangered Species List

In a first for the U.S., 7 species of bees native to Hawaii have been granted protection under the Endangered Species Act.

CDC Issues 2 Major Zika Advisories for Men and Women

On September 30, the CDC issued fresh warnings for men and women regarding transmission of the Zika virus. Here is the scoop.

Automated Insulin System Approved for People with Type 1 Diabetes

The world’s first “artificial pancreas” has been approved by the FDA for people with Type 1 diabetes. Will life now be easier for diabetics?

Toxic Air Affects 90% of World’s Population, According to WHO

Air pollution is responsible for 11% of deaths worldwide. Air pollution is much worse in poorer countries than in developed, wealthier ones.

New Research Suggests Acne Might Be “Good for Your Skin”

New research shows that those who have acne generally age more slowly than those who do not. This could be good news for acne sufferers!

Monarch Butterfly Populations are Dwindling – Here’s How You Can Help

The monarch butterfly population in Central Mexico is dwindling, due to climate change, illegal logging, motorists on highways, and Roundup.

Drinking Beer Makes You Happier, Friendlier, Less Inhibited

A new study suggests that people who drink beer are happier, less inhibited, and more empathetic toward others. Do you think so?

Mother Speaks out on Antibiotic Resistance After Child Taken by MRSA Superbug

Mother of 1-year-old who died from MRSA hopes to spread the word on antibiotic resistance and how quickly it can kill a child.

Study: Cut Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 34% with This Kind of Diet

Researchers have found that eating a plant-based diet may significantly reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes – though you do not have to go vegetarian!

Cheap, Tasty, and Harmful to Your Health: Ramen Noodles

Yes, ramen noodles contain toxic MSG; but there are more unhealthy aspects of these popular prepared food products than you might realize.

Muscle Confusion Remains Popular, But is Argued to be a Myth

Some experts purport that muscle confusion, an exercise technique used to stimulate muscle growth, does not actually work.

Tears, Sweat Might Spread the Zika Virus

A Utah man is believed to have been infected with the Zika virus after touching his dying father’s sweat and tears with his bare hands.

Smoking can Permanently Damage DNA – But Quitting can Heal Some Wounds

When a person quits smoking, the majority of the genetic damage eventually fades. However, a new study suggests that part that damage is permanent.

Chickens and Bugs Replace Pesticides, Herbicides for Some Farmers

Farmers are using chickens and bugs to help them tackle noxious weeds and pests in their fields, instead of spraying harmful chemicals like Roundup.

Another Pitfall of the Plastic Chemical BPA: Asthma

BPA has been linked to hormone disruption and oxidative stress, but is still used in manufacturing. Now prenatal BPA levels have also been linked to asthma.