Singapore Confirms Over 150 Cases of Zika

Singapore is the latest country to experience outbreaks of Zika, with reports showing that 150 people are now confirmed to be carrying the Zika virus.

Hepatitis A Cases Linked to Strawberry Smoothies Rises to 51

Last week, there were 28 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A linked to smoothies from a Virginia branch of the chain Tropical Smoothie cafe.

5-Year-Old Boy Buys Police Sandwiches with Allowance Money

Five-year-old William Evertz Jr. was going to use his allowance to buy a toy, but instead decided to buy sandwiches for police in his community.

Raw Milk Overpowers Conventional Milk in Reducing Risk of Numerous Infections

A European study indicates that giving babies raw milk significantly lowers the incidence of many childhood infections, including ear infections.

Public Library Uses 3D Printer to Make Prosthetic Hand for Child

Five-year-old Katelyn Vincik was born without a fully formed left arm, but after much research, her mom was able to find a printer – in the form of 3d printing.

Teen with Autism On the Road to Win Paralympic Gold

Mikey Brannigan of Team USA may have autism, but that hasn’t stopped him from setting a record during the Paralympic qualifiers.

Bride Skips Bachelorette Party, Pampers Homeless Women Instead

Jessika Baldwin decided to skip out on a traditional bachelorette party and instead create a day for the women of a local Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania homeless shelter.

How Illegal Drugs and ADHD Medications are Polluting Urban Streams

A new study reveals that streams near Baltimore, Maryland, are heavily polluted with amphetamines, and it could devastate the entire stream ecosystem.

Study: If You’re a Coffee Lover, it Might Be in Your Genes

A new study supports previous research suggesting that the amount of coffee people consume may be written in their DNA.

Nature Valley is Facing Lawsuits over Granola Bar Labeling

Traces of glyphosate have been found in some Nature Valley granola bars, and consumers say the company’s “natural” label is deceptive.

Obama Just Expanded an Already Massive Ocean Reserve in Hawaii

President Obama expanded a national marine monument in Hawaii last week that is home to some of the rarest, most endangered species on the planet.

Amazon is Testing a 30-Hour Work Week for Some Employees

A year after The New York Times posted a scathing article about working conditions at Amazon, the company is unrolling a 30-hour workweek for some employees.

Could a Tropical Weather System Help Spread the Zika Virus?

Severe weather from a tropical storm or hurricane could potentially spread the Zika virus even further in Florida, and standing water is only 1 concern.

Zika Transmitted by Man with No Symptoms

Health officials said on 26 August 2016 that a Maryland man with no symptoms of Zika had transmitted the virus to his sex partner.

Vaping May Be Overriding Efforts to Get Kids to Quit Smoking

After years of decline, nicotine use among teens appears to have plateaued. Researchers say it’s because more kids are using e-cigarettes.

Using Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of ADHD

A new study shows that mothers who use acetaminophen during pregnancy may increase their child’s risk of developing childhood ADHD.

Nearly 1 in 10 Americans Suffer From Constant Ringing in the Ears

A new study states that as many as 1 in 10 adults in the United States suffer from a constant ringing in their ears – known as tinnitus.