Cop Reassigned Desk Job After Internal Investigation Finds He Wrote 80% of All Pot Tickets

It was uncovered in a recent investigation that of 83 pot-smoking tickets handed out this past year in Seattle, officer Randy Jokela handed out 66 of them.

Monsanto Wants 14-Year Reuters Veteran Reporter Fired for Talking About GMO Dangers

In Monsanto’s latest inexcusable move, the company is trying to have a veteran reporter fired for talking about genetically modified organisms fairly.

Study Finds Alzheimer’s Answer in Common Fruit?

Researchers discovered that a daily dose of fisetin, a flavanol found in strawberries, mangos, and cucumbers, may kick Alzheimer’s symptoms to the curb.

Experts: Just 9 of These a Day Can ‘Bust Stress Levels’

According to a Penn State University study, eating a handful of this food every day can prepare your body to deal with stress and anxiety more efficiently.

UK Officials Join U.S. in Needlessly Recommending more Dangerous Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

Both in the U.S. and now in the U.K. officials are recommending more people indulge in the dangerous cholesterol-reducing drugs known as statins. Don’t.

Germany Allows Seriously Ill to Grow Their Own ‘Illegal’ Plants

For the seriously ill in Germany, people can use cannabis, but could not grow it. Now, five people have opened the door to homegrown marijuana.

Bee Crisis Gets Extra Attention: 800 Studies Reveal Why Bees are Dying

A meta-analysis of over 800 studies confirms what we know – that toxic neonicotinoids sprayed across the globe are ravaging bee and butterfly populations.

Study Shows RoundUp Exposure Impairs Reproductive Abilities, Lowers Sperm Count

In a new study, it was found that Monsanto’s RoundUp chemicals altered testicular function and impaired reproduction after only 8 days of exposure.

This Ancient Practice can Reduce Inflammation, Help Cancer Patients

A study shows cancer patients can benefit from the practice of yoga, revealing how yoga can reduce inflammation and eliminate stress on a biological level.

Fail: Brazilian GMO Maize Resistant to Pests Just 3 Years After Market Approval

Brazilian authorities have fast-tracked numerous suicide seeds even though GMO maize 1507 is becoming infested with pests after 3 years of being approved.

Man in Oregon Jailed for… Collecting Rainwater

A man in Oregon has been sent to prison after local authorities found he had collected more than 13 million gallons of rainwater on his own property.

Key Study Proves Again that Cannabis can Slow Cancerous Tumor Growth

A new study uncovers how the cannabis compound THC is able to shrink cancerous tumors through various signaling processes in the body.

This Gardening Tip can Lead to 30% Faster Home-Grown Food with 80% Less Water

What if you could grow more food with less water in something that takes up only 8 square feet of outdoor space? The Pyramid Garden may offer just that.

64 Established Scientists Reveal Corporate Fraud Behind International GMO Study?

64 established scientists, researchers, and professionals have criticized the ‘committee’ gathered to do a new study on genetically modified organisms.

Try These 10 Small Things Right Now to Feel Better

When is the last time you bought someone flowers or smiled at a stranger? Little things may not seem like much, but collectively they can change the world.

Cannabis Shows Great Promise in Treating Autism and its Symptoms

Researchers say there is significant evidence that suggests compounds in medical marijuana may be a highly feasible treatment for autism.

Many “Cancer Deaths” are from Conventional Treatments Themselves, Not Cancer

Few dare to write or say that mainstream medicine such as chemo and radiation cause more harm than good, often resulting in the death of cancer patients.