Animal Shelter Uses Pokemon Go Craze for Walking Dogs

An animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana is utilizing Pokemon Go for the well-being of homeless dogs, inviting people to walk dogs as they play.

Gonorrhea Could One Day be Untreatable, Doctors Say

Gonorrhea may soon become untreatable as it develops resistance to the two antibiotics left that can treat it: azithromycin and ceftriaxon.

Regulatory Loophole Allows GMO Products to be Marketed as Non-GMO

Products that have been injected with foreign DNA are considered by the USDA to be genetically engineered, but not products with deleted DNA.

Video: Coral Reefs Caught ‘Dancing’ with High-Tech Microscope

Using a high-tech, underwater microscope, scientists are able to study small coral organisms in their natural habitat. We can even see them ‘dancing.’

Video: Woman with Down Syndrome Thrilled when Boyfriend Gives Promise Ring

A video recently went viral of a woman, Ashley Greenhalgh, receiving a promise ring from her boyfriend of 2 years. Both individuals have Down syndrome.

Betty Crocker Recalls the Following Cake Mixes

General Mills has recently issued a recall involving Betty Crocker cake mix, possibly contaminated with the E. coli O121 bacteria.

What Did Dinosaurs Actually Sound Like?

Some researchers are questioning the long-held belief that dinosaurs let out load, scary roars, thinking maybe the sounds weren’t so scary.

Twins Born Holding Hands Still Share Close Bond

Two years ago, Sarah Thistlewaite gave birth to twin girls who were born holding hands with one another. The entire delivery room gasped in awe.

First Case of Female Spreading Zika to Man via Unprotected Sex

While we thought likely possible, we have recently found out for certain that a female can spread the Zika virus to male partners.

New Icy Dwarf Planet Discovered Beyond Neptune

A new dwarf planet has been discovered just beyond Neptune, scientists say. The planet is only about 5% of the Earth’s size, taking a whopping 700 years to orbit the sun.

Why Do New Jersey Beaches Suddenly Look Like Tropical Waters?

New Jersey beach goers were shocked to recently find that the usual greyish tint to their beaches had suddenly become aquamarine due to bloom in phytoplankton.

A Young Man’s Obsession with Disney Helps him Thrive with Autism

The experiences of Owen Suskind, 25, a man with autism, come to life in a new documentary about how Disney cartoons have help him express his feelings.

Scientists Create Robot that Swaggers Like a Human

Scientists have created a robot named DURUS that can walk a lot like a human, and with the swagger of one with a lot of confidence.

Scientists Recreate a Microscopic Starry Night by Folding DNA

Researchers have recreated Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night painting in order to test methods of folding DNA and attaching fluorescent molecules.

Google Partners with Largest Specialist Eye Hospital to Treat Diseases

Google DeepMind is partnering with Moorfields Eye Hospital to utilize its technology to treat preventable eye diseases, help doctors spot disorders early.

Video: Seeds Community Café Reduces Food Waste, Feeds Hungry (Even if They Can’t Pay)

Seeds Community Café has a pay-as-you-can, pay-it-forward model that helps the financially insecure eat healthful food.

Don’t Kill Yourself – or get Someone Killed – Playing Pokemon Go

If you’ve jumped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon, make sure you play the game safely. Many people are getting injured and assaulted because they’re distracted.