French Parliament Writes an Important Law for France’s Food System

France is expected to pass a law requiring its restaurants and state institutions to use in season, organically grown food from local sources.

March 7 is the Last for Energy Drink Sales at This College Campus

A college in Middlebury, Vermont, will no longer sell energy drinks starting March 7 because they don’t “nourish” students and promote risky behavior.

One Photograph Sparks Pesticide Revolution in this Argentinian Town

A photograph of a young girl suffering from pesticide-induced health problems has made a massive difference in the lives of children exposed to pesticides.

Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

Lawmakers in Australia have just legalized medical marijuana for the entire country, with a vote made by the Australian Parliament last Wednesday.

US Intelligence Director Says Genome Editing is a WMD

Genetic modification using new technologies like CRISPR has been called a “weapon of mass destruction and proliferation.”

Scientists Genetically Modify E. coli to Create Opioids

Scientists have created opioid Frankendrugs by genetically modifying E. coli bacteria, saying it could provide painkillers to those lacking access to them.

Herbicide-Contamination Sparks Recall of 3100 Boxes of Organic Panty Liners

“Organyc” panty liners, made in Italy, have been recalled due to glyphosate traces. U.S.-made tampons and sanitary pads have had similar problems.

Tobacco Companies Again Ordered to Disclose Harm from Cigarettes

Big Tobacco companies must publicly disclose the harmful effects of smoking. A U.S. District Court upheld a ruling of 15 years ago to this effect.

Glyphosate Herbicide Found in 14 Popular Beer Brands from Germany

The German beer industry is in shock after finding that 14 different popular beer brands have traces of the ‘probably’ carcinogenic herbicide, glyphosate.

Vermont Draws One Step Closer to Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

On Thursday, the Vermont state Senate gave final approval to a bill legalizing recreational marijuana, beginning in 2018.

2 Extra Cups of Coffee a Day can Help Prevent Organ Damage – Here’s How

Drinking 2 extra cups of coffee a day can’t reverse liver cirrhosis, but it may cut the risk of developing it by more than 40%.

Alfalfa Sprouts Linked to 2 Outbreaks of Food Poisoning

An outbreak of E. coli and an outbreak of salmonella have been linked to 2 separate alfalfa sprout producers.

Farmers in Kona, Hawaii Hit Monsanto with Lawsuit

Two farmers have filed a lawsuit against Monsanto, claiming that the company lied about the potential for glyphosate, an herbicide chemical, to be carcinogenic.

Bernie Sanders Opposes New Big Pharma-Loved FDA Leader

Despite attempts by several senators to block his nomination, Dr. Robert Califf was named the new head of the FDA on Wednesday.

Key “Trade Secret” Evidence for Glyphosate Toxicity is Being Withheld

Key evidence of glyphosate’s toxicity has been withheld from the WHO’s IARC as a “trade secret,” and sparking a conflict between the EU and US.

Monsanto’s GM Wheat in Development Despite Consumer Push Back

After ditching GM wheat years ago, Monsanto recently begun development on new GM wheat strains despite consumer push-back.

Demand for Organics Shows *No Sign of Slowing* After Double Digit Growth

Monsanto isn’t cheering the news that U.S. organic food sales have approached $37 billion annually. The trend shows no sign of slowing.