Scientists Progress in Tackling Tropical Diseases that Affect 20 Million

Scientists now think they are one step closer to treating three diseases: Chagas disease, leishmaniasis, and human African trypanosomiasis.

Study Reveals ‘Best and Worst’ States to Have a Baby

Taking into account cost of birth, prevalence of childcare, and infant mortality rate, a study reveals the best and worst states to have a baby.

Just How Gross is Double Dipping?

How disgusting is double dipping? In one study, dip is carefully studied before and after someone dips their chips into it. Here are the results.

Wendy’s Plans to Eliminate Antibiotics from Chicken Production in 2017

Wendy’s announced earlier this month that it would phase out the use of antibiotics important to human health in its chickens by 2017.

The Down-Low on Reportedly Bogus Zika Prevention Products

New York’s attorney general is warning consumers about bogus zika prevention products. So what’s legit, and what’s not?

Thanks to the Kindness of Strangers, This Uber Driver Gets to See His Son in Rio

An Uber driver was recently met with a generous customer who financially helped him see his son compete in the Olympics in Rio.

Why Do Sunflowers Turn to the Sun? Researchers Find an Answer

A recent study suggests that sunflowers actually have circadian rhythms, which is why they are always facing the direction of the sun.

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes win FDA Approval to Fight Zika

The FDA has given Oxitec Ltd. approval to conduct a trial of mosquitoes genetically engineered to fight the Zika virus in the Florida Keys.

Study: This Lifestyle Factor Could Age Your Brain by 10 Years

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are warning that being overweight in middle age may age your brain by 10 years.

Study: 1 in 5 Alzheimer’s Cases Could be Misdiagnosed

Two new studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease is frequently misdiagnosed, which can lead to significant emotional consequences for many.

Having a Sickle Cell Trait May NOT Increase Risk of Premature Death

It has been thought that having a sickle cell trait may increase one’s risk of premature death. However, new studies suggest that this may not be the case.

Average Weight of American Men up 15 Pounds Since 1994

Americans are heavier than ever. But just how heavy? Evidently, the average American man has packed on 15lbs over the course of the last 20 years.

Florida is Having Trouble Controlling Zika Virus

Florida is having a difficult time controlling the Zika virus, as the state has trouble controlling mosquitoes in general.

Study: Senior Citizens Don’t Often Use the Internet for Health Matters

A new report says that although older people are mostly likely to need medical care, they are least likely to turn to the Internet for information.

30 Minutes of Reading a Day Could Add Years to Your Life

In a new study, people who read a book for about 30 minutes a day were found to live approximately 2 years longer than those who didn’t read at all.

Students Give Bottled Water to Senior Citizens in Flint, Michigan

In the midst of the Flint water crisis, a group of students called the “Dream Kings” sought to ensure that senior citizens of Flint were taken care of, giving them 300 cases of clean water.

Is There an Outbreak of “Super Lice” in Your State?

42 U.S. states are dealing with a major outbreak of “super lice” just as kids are starting to go back to school after summer break.