Arthritis: Almost Always Caused By What We Eat And Drink

Most people are not aware of this, but rheumatoid arthritis, Allergic arthritis, and Osteoarthritis can have numerous specific food triggers.

3 Australian States Begin Testing Medical Marijuana Following Demand

Three states in Australia – New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland – may accept marijuana as treatment for epilepsy, pain, and chemo side-effects.

Prediction: New Monsanto-Backed Study to Find GMOs ‘Perfectly Safe’

I’m predicting that Monsanto and agricultural lobby groups will release a massive study that ‘scientifically proves’ GMOs to be ‘completely safe.’ Will people fall for it?

How Fukushima may be a Greater Threat than Monsanto’s GMOs

Genetically modified foods are a hotly debated issue in our food supply, but what may be as concerning is something we forgot about – Fukushima aftermath.

This City in Oregon is Set to Become a ‘GMO-Free’ Zone

Citizens in Benton County, Oregon will soon vote on a measure that would grant more food freedom and halt genetic modification of crops within the county.

The #1 Way to Prevent Nearsightedness (Myopia) in Future Generations

Scientists are now looking at one big lifestyle change that could prevent mypoia (nearsightedness) – making sure your children spend more time outdoors.

26 Organizations that Support GMO Labeling

While GMO safety is debated, GMO labeling is still desired. Here are 26 organizations that believe genetically modified foods (GMOs) should be labeled.

How Music ‘Radically’ Improves the Brain, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s

A scientific research study has now shown how serious mental afflictions like Alzheimer’s disease can be treated with certain kinds of music.

60,000 Marijuana Plants Quarantined for Possible Pesticide Contamination

Denver, Colorado city officials have banned more than 60,000 marijuana plants meant for sale due to possible unapproved pesticide contamination.

Two Major Biotech Companies May Soon Merge into ‘Mega Monsanto’

Reports are saying that biotech juggernaut Monsanto is looking to take over another big player in the biotech field, Syngenta. What would happen?

MSM Finally Admits Antibiotics are Causing Mental Illness

The mainstream media is finally reporting on the fact that antibiotics can cause mental illness through depleting essential gut bacteria.

50% Increase in Breast Cancer Expected, But No One Talks About its Biggest Causes

A new study from the National Cancer Institute predicts that we will be seeing more than 441,000 new cases of breast cancer in the US by 2030.

EPA Placing Blame on Farmers for Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing GMO Crops

The EPA set up a program for farmers that claims to help prevent pests from developing resistance, but it will just get farmers in trouble with Big Biotech.

For the Longest Life: Your Waistline Should Be Half Your Height

Want to know a newly found secret for living a long life? Research says the key to longevity is having a waist size that is no more than half your height.

Monsanto Secretly Gave Money to Farmer Caught Contaminating Organic Farms with GMOs

Monsanto revealed that it had secretly given money to a conventional, GMO farmer who was sued for contaminating another farmer’s organic crops.

Photos: How to Produce 6,000 Pounds of Food in Small Spaces

Think you need GMOs to produce food? Think again. One family in California produces a whopping 6,000 pounds of food with only 1/10 of an acre of land.

Cannabis Compounds Reduce Serious Seizures in Children by 53%

A new study has shown that a liquid cannabis medicine could help control the seizures of children with severe epilepsy by 53 percent.