Are E-cigarette Explosions just a “Small Trend?”

E-cigarette explosions are occurring more often and causing major injuries. Most incidents have been traced to the devices’ lithium-ion batteries.

What Future Does Legal Marijuana Have Under a Trump Presidency?

Votes in 2016 made marijuana legal in the majority of U.S. states; but Trump and his likely cabinet picks, Christie and Giuliani, may stop the progress.

Pharma Companies Spend 19x more on Marketing than Research, and Returns are Dropping

Report shows the pharmaceutical industry is spending much less on research and development investments because they are no longer paying off.

Study: Even “100% Safe Listening” Headphones may Cause Hearing Problems

A products recommendation website recently tested 30 sets of children’s headphones to see which ones have the greatest potential to damage kids’ hearing.

Britain’s Fertility Regulator has Approved 3-Parent GMO Babies

The UK’s fertility regulator says fertility clinics can apply to start using techniques to create embryos from 3 parents.

Researchers can Prevent Outbreaks by ‘Vaccinating Fewer People’

Researchers have figured out how to vaccinate as few people as possible to prevent the spread of disease, though globalization would make it a challenge.

Trump Picks Dow Chemical CEO to Head Manufacturing Council

Donald Trump chose Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris as head of the American Manufacturing Council. Some fear Liveris could use his position to benefit Dow.

Genes for Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Are Found in Beijing Smog

Researchers have discovered in Beijing’s smog the genes that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics, and it’s not clear how much of a health risk they pose.

EPA Recommends Deregulating Highly Invasive GE Grass

The USDA appears poised to deregulate creeping bentgrass, a type of grass designed for golf courses that is invasive and nearly impossible to eradicate.

Retailers Offer Quiet Shopping Hours for Families of People With Autism

Some retailers, like Toys “R” Us and Target, are hosting “quiet hours” so the families of autistic people can shop without crowds and loud noises.

Orphaned Kittens Find Love in the Arms of Senior Citizens

Seniors at a care facility in Tucson, Arizona, are helping raise and care for two orphaned kittens. Peaches and Turtle, who will soon be ready for adoption.

These Are the ’10 Most Dangerous Toys of 2016′

World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has released its annual list of the top 10 most dangerous toys. Check these out – some sound super fun.

Washington State Sues Monsanto over PCB Pollution

The state of Washington is suing Monsanto over the company’s production of PCBs, which have contaminated “every waterway in the state.”

Stranger Pays Elementary School Kids’ Outstanding Meal Balances

The father of a former student at H.W. Good Elementary School brought some much-needed holiday cheer and financial relief to over 40 struggling families.

Fla. Everglades Dolphins Have the World’s Highest Mercury Levels

Bottlenose dolphins in the Florida Everglades have the highest mercury levels ever found in the species. Humans and other animals may also be affected.

Monsanto is Being Sued by Missouri’s Largest Peach Grower

In a lawsuit, Missouri’s largest peach producer says Monsanto is responsible for illegal herbicide use, causing damage to thousands of peach trees.

Fukushima Radiation Detected on U.S. West Coast

Researchers have detected Fukushima radiation in water samples taken from Oregon and in a sockeye salmon sample taken in Canada.