Researchers: Tart Cherries Have ‘Highest Anti-Inflammatory Content of any Food’

Researchers say that tart cherries have the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food, making them great for arthritis and other inflammatory-related issues.

Watermelon Juice Relieves Muscle Soreness, Boosts Athletic Performance

Researchers have found that watermelon juice can actually help hydrate, relieve muscle soreness, and boost your athletic performance.

The American Cancer Society is in Bed with Major Cancer Drug Makers

Big Pharma companies will seemingly stop at nothing to keep your money while you die a slow death. Even cancer organizations are in bed with Big Pharma.

11 Reasons to Grow & Eat Sunflower Greens

Sunflowers offer incredible health benefits, and you can eat many parts of the plant. Here are 11 reasons to consider growing your own organic sunflowers.

Just a Handful of Bay Leaves Daily can Help with Diabetes

Some research has found that consuming bay leaves decreases risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, benefiting those with diabetes.

Aspartame – The GMO Excrement Polluting Your Body

Scientists are calling for further study of the popular additive aspartame, made from genetically modified bacteria and linked to numerous health issues.

6 Things Hawaii can Teach Us About Health and Happiness

Hawaiians are generally happier than most others, and there are several reasons why. Here are 6 things Hawaii can teach us about health and happiness.

Radishes for Radical Healing – Boost Kidney Health, Protect Against Cancer

Radishes are an often overlooked vegetable with wonderful healing properties, from protecting you from cancer to boosting kidney health.

Study: Raw Garlic Consumption can Cut Lung Cancer Risk in (Nearly) Half

Some research has found that raw garlic consumption at least twice weekly reduces lung cancer risk by 44%. Even smokers saw a 30% reduced risk.

How to Optimize Turmeric Absorption for Super-Boosted Benefits

Turmeric can be amazingly healthful, but it is important to know how to take turmeric so it can be fully absorbed by the body. Here is what to do.

4 Toxic Foods/Beverages Damaging Unborn Babies

There are many other toxic foods and beverages that have been shown to have damaging effects on unborn babies. Here are a few foods to avoid while pregnant.

Gardasil Vaccine Destroys Ovaries of 16-yr. Old Girl, Causes Infertility

The Gardasil vaccine has recently been found to spark premature menopause in a young girl of 16 years, destroying any future hope of having children.

Our Greatest Health is Happiness: How Compassion Makes Us Happy and Healthy

Numerous studies show us how being compassionate and giving to others greatly boost our own overall happiness, and being happy boosts overall health.

Fatty Fish: A Useful Tool in Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention

Adding to the many benefits of fish oil, one study indicates that one portion of fatty fish every week could significantly reduce rheumatoid arthritis risk.

Washington GMO Labeling Bill Coming Soon, Organic Farmers Still Victims of GMO Contamination

The Washington GMO labeling 522 Initiative is getting heated enough, but extra controversy is arising due to contamination of alfalfa crops in the state.

Turmeric Surpasses Mouth Wash for Oral Health: Gingivitis, Mouth Cancer, and More

Numerous studies show how turmeric can boost oral health greatly, offering support for issues like gingivitis, mouth cancer, and much more.

15 Health Benefits of Cucumbers: Grow Your Own Cooling Food

Cucumbers can benefit your health in more ways than you know. Here are 15 health benefits of cucumbers, and why growing your own can be so beneficial.