Could Marijuana Hold the Key to Treating Brain Damage from Alcoholism?

A recent study indicates that cannabidiol in cannabis may be able to treat, ward off, and even reverse brain damage caused by alcohol consumption.

7 Ways to Help Menopause Symptoms Naturally

Women don’t need to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to deal with menopause. Here are 7 great natural ways to help get through menopause with ease.

Not Eating Avocados Often? Here’s Why You Should

Often deemed a “perfect food”, the avocado is considered one of the healthiest foods available. Here is why you should be eating this fabulous food.

Lobbyist Group Sued for Hiding Funders Against GMO-Labeling in Washington

The Grocer Manufacturer Association has funneled millions into the fight against GMO labeling, and is now being sued for hiding the source of that money.

Study Finds Olive Leaf Extract Useful in Diabetes Management

Olive leaf extract improves insulin sensitivity and even increases pancreatic beta cell secretion, marking it as a potential treatment option for diabetics.

Oxford Scientists: Conjugated Linoleic Acids Kill Cancer Cells

Numerous journals report that conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) possess anti-cancer properties, halting prostate, breast, and other cancers in their tracks.

5 Health Foods that are NOT Health Foods

Here are 5 food products you might believe are good for you due to clever marketing and misleading information, but they really are not healthy.

EndoCannabinoids: Marijuana-Like Chemicals that Spark Bliss

Did you know you can do numerous things (like exercise) to release feel-good chemicals in your brain for a state of awareness and joy?

Mistletoe can Slow Cancerous Cell Growth without Side Effects

Research has found that mistletoe, the same plant we stand underneath to get a kiss from someone, can slow and halt the growth of cancer tumors.

Voters Support Marijuana While Feds Continue Costly Raids

While more states and cities approve the use of marijuana, the federal government continues to perform costly raids despite claims to be hands-off.

Infrared Saunas: The Power of Sweat and Natural Detoxification

Many people love using a sauna to sweat and naturally help the body to detox, but should you be using a traditional sauna or infrared sauna?

3 Reasons to Go on a Plant-Based Diet

Want to save money, help the planet, and boost your overall health? Here are some compelling reasons to go on a plant-based diet.

Herb Salacia Oblonga Rivals Prescription Drugs in Treating Diabetes

A study shows that the herb salacia oblonga rivals prescription drugs in treating diabetes, decreasing insulin and blood glucose levels greatly.

Study: A Mother’s Love Crucial for an Infant’s Social Development

Research has shown time and time again how a mother’s love and touch is crucial for a child’s development, especially on a social level.

3 Great Supplements to Help You Fight and Prevent a Cold

Supplements could play a role in your battle for wellness and flu prevention. Here are 3 great supplements for fighting and preventing a cold and flu.

4 Hidden Costs of the Drug War: How the War on Drugs Hurts Us All

In addition to the obvious effects of the War on Drugs like increased prison populations, here are 4 hidden drug war effects we don’t normally hear about.

Do the Best you Can: The Food System is Against Us, but we Must Keep Fighting

The entire food system is one big obstacle, but as long as you are making progress and doing the best you can, you should feel good.