What was Found: 2 Studies Examine Link Between Cell Phones and Brain Cancer

Two studies recently found that there is a link between long-term cell-phone use and brain tumors, but the findings were considered “not significant”.

Study Finds Ayurveda More Effective than Popular Anxiety Drug

Research has found Ayurveda to be more effective than one of the most popular mainstream drug treatments for anxiety, but without the side effects.

Study: Healthy Lifestyle Choices Lengthen Lifespan on Genetic Level

A recent study found that lifestyle choices like healthy eating and exercising have a dramatic effect at a genetic level in lengthening lifespan.

Junk Food Palm Oil Production Leading to Massive Deforestation, Slave Labor, and Pollution

Junk food palm oil production is linked to rainforest deforestation, slave labor, pollution, child labor, and the destruction of orangutan populations.

Study: Flaxseeds can Reduce Primary Breast Cancer Risk by 18%

Among women who were recently diagnosed with breast cancer, flax was shown to reduce the risk of primary breast cancer by 18 percent, among other benefits.

Despite Resistance, Uruguay Near Passing Landmark Marijuana Laws

Uruguay may soon create the world’s first such nationwide regulated marijuana market, allowing registered residents to grow and possess marijuana.

5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Continue Exercising Through Autumn

It can be difficult to stay motivated and workout through cold months. Here are 5 tips to ensure your motivation meter stays on high throughout the year.

‘Ag-Gag’ Laws to Criminalize Activists Exposing Cruel Factory Farm Practices

Many states are passing ‘ag-gag’ laws, which criminalize those taking photos or video at factory farms to reveal inhumane or questionable practices.

4+ Reasons Onions may be the Next Big Superfood

Onions harness some key beneficial compounds that can bring your health to the next level. Here are 4 reasons onions can be called a superfood.

Oregon Grape Root: A Natural Solution for Resistant Infections and More

Need a solution to antibiotic-resistant infections? Oregon grape root is one solution that could help treat antibiotic-resistant infections like MRSA.

Study Proves Sustainable Farms, Organic Farming Beats Factory Farms

A new study clarifies the clear benefits of sustainable, organic farming, showing how sustainable livestock care outperforms that of factory farms.

Pharmacist and Doctor Reveal Vitamin-Approach to Relieving Diabetes

Here is a story about one pharmacist who moved away from pharmaceuticals and developed his own protocol for treating his own diabetes.

4 Ways to Detox GMOs from Your Body to Minimize Damaging Effects

Genetically modified foods are questionable and damaging, but truly avoiding them is impossible. Here are 4 simple ways to potentially detox GMOs from your body.

Will the CDC Enforce Hepatitis Vaccinations on Baby Boomers?

In 2012 the CDC was predicting an epidemic of hepatitis C among baby boomers, so they wanted to vaccinate them all soon. But there are several issues.

Study Finds a Link Between Blood Pressure Drugs and Increased Breast Cancer Risk

Some research shows that women taking blood pressure drugs have about a 250 percent greater risk of developing some types of breast cancer than other women.

3 Companies Using GMOs in Baby Formula

Here are 3 companies which will not consider removing GMOs from their baby products. They represent more than 90 percent of baby formula sales in the US.

What the Homeopathy Controversy is Really All About

Homeopathy started hundreds of years ago as a gentle approach to medicine, but since it costs too little while being effective, it has been buried.