How to Manage the Ebola Scare and a Worst Case Scenario Using Vitamin C

The Ebola scare isn’t quite as intense as purported, at least not for us in America. Actually, all anyone may need is mega-does vitamin C therapy. Let’s see.

Fukushima Fallout in California 1000x Greater than Expected: What You can Do

A government expert called the Fukushima fallout in California ‘a thousand times greater than expected’ several days after the Fukushima explosion.

10 ‘Health Foods’ that may be Doing more Harm than Good

Here are 10 foods that, while said to be good for us, really are not that healthful at all. Many of these foods actually hurt us!

New Insight: Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Pineal Gland Calcification from Fluoride

Research is finding that Alzheimer’s may be caused by the calcification of the brain and pineal gland. Removing calcification could treat the disease.

Dr. Vandana Shiva Speaks on Monsanto and the Biotech Takeover

GMO companies collect money for GMO seeds, but will not take responsibility for contamination, cross-pollination, or health problems – Dr. Vandana Shiva.

This Organic Oil Could Reduce DNA Damage from Eating GMOs

Researchers say that organic extra virgin olive oil may just be able to reduce the DNA damage caused by eating genetically modified foods.

It’s Your Turn: Join A Global Alliance to Save the Non-GMO Seed

Do you grow your own food? It is time to Join millions who want to save seeds, support sustainable agriculture, and fuel the natural beauty that is nature.

Huge Plunge in Kindergartner’s Vaccination Rates: Officials Stumped

Worried about potential dangers of vaccines, Californian parents are refusing to immunize their kindergarten-aged children. Officials are stumped.

Compound in Celery Found to Destroy 86% of Lung Cancer Cells

A compound in celery has been found to be extremely effective at combating numerous cancers, including up to 86 percent of cancer cells in the lungs.

Beware: Monsanto and Chemical Companies Descend on Africa’s Farmers

A telling report was published on just how lucrative African countries can be for Big Ag and chemical companies and their chemical, GMO technologies.

DIY ACV: How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar at Home – 9 Easy Steps

Want to know how to make organic apple cider vinegar at home? It is actually quite easy. Here are 9 steps to creating your own ever-lasting healing elixir.

16 of Nature’s Best Natural Pain Killers

Are you in pain, and do not want to turn to pharmaceutical solutions? Here are 14 natural pain killers everyone should know about and try.

Cross-Bred Crops Trump the Failing GMO-Created Techniques

Numerous pieces of research show how cross-breeding corn is more beneficial than GM corn, especially where drought-resistant crops are concerned.

Big Pharma Drug Linked to Cancer: Drug Companies Bombarded by Lawsuits

Studies have linked the anti-diabetes drug Actos to the onset of bladder cancer, an issue leading thousands of people to seek compensation for damages.

USDA to Approve MORE Pesticide-Laden GE Crops

The USDA plans to fully deregulate Dow Chemical’s Enlist corn and soybeans, genetically engineered to be repeatedly sprayed with toxic pesticides.

Is Chewing Gum Bad for Your Health? 4 Reasons to Eschew the Chew

Is chewing gum bad for you, or is it nothing to worry about? Here are 4 things you should know about chewing gum before you buy that next pack.

HPV Vaccines: The Grim Reality Revealed

Not only are HPV vaccinations proving to be dangerous with side effects, but they are also unnecessary. Is Gardasil or any other vaccine worth the risks?