Milk Thistle a Proven Cancer-Fighter and Liver-Supporter

Milk thistle benefits have been experienced for thousands of years. The plant is amazing for promoting liver health and cancer protection.

5 Benefits of Reducing Meat Consumption

There are several benefits to going vegetarian, from helping the planet and animals to boosting your health. Here are 5 benefits of going meat-free.

News Flash: Review Finds Diet Soda to be Health Destroyer

Researchers from Purdue reviewed a dozen studies published within the last five years on the health risks of consuming diet soda. The news is not positive.

Food Companies Using “All Natural” Label Less Due to Consumer Awareness

Do you buy things that are ‘all natural’? This term has no official meaning, likely leading to companies dropping the use of ‘all natural’ in the last year.

Big Pharma Clinical Drug Trials Killing Thousands in India

Big Pharma companies from the West are using the poorest citizens in India as their guinea pigs for drug trials, killing many people in the process.

8 Signs that Fukushima Radiation is Blasting the Oceans and U.S.

The Fukushima incident is still a threat to the world. Here are just 8 signs that nuclear radiation is frying our oceans and the United States.

Exciting: Ginger Found to Protect Against, Reverse Toxic MSG Damage

Do you know about the toxic food additive MSG? Research indicates ginger may be able protect against MSG damage and even reverse damage it already caused.

Low Wages: U.S. Taxpayers Pay $7 Billion Annually to Help Fast-Food Workers

About 52% of fast-food workers are enrolled in at least one public assistance program, costing U.S. taxpayers $7 billion in public assistance each year.

Essiac Tea: 4 Secret Ingredients Treated Thousands of Cancer Patients

Since the 1920’s, one nurse treated thousands of cancer patients in Canada with a little known tea made up of just four simple ingredients. Here it is.

Pesticide Banned for Decades Still Causing Reproductive Problems

Pesticides which have been banned for decades, organochlorines, could still be affecting millions of women, causing numerous reproductive issues.

Rosemary Herb Could Combat Age-Related Blindness

Research indicates that the herb rosemary can help combat age-related blindness, working to stop the progression of the disease caused by oxidative stress.

Is Monsanto’s RoundUp (Glyphosate) the New Agent Orange?

Monsanto poisoned thousands with its Agent Orange years ago. But could Monsanto’s RoundUp herbicide (glyphosate) be the new Agent Orange of our time?

14 Pesticide-Doused Crops Most Often Found in Baby Food

Research from EWG shows that many baby foods are tainted with pesticide-riddled crops. Here are the 14 pesticide-doused crops most often in baby food.

Gardening can Cut Your Risk of Dying from All Causes by 30%, Study Finds

A recent study found that active hobbies like yard work or gardening are as beneficial as exercise and could cut your risk of dying from all causes by 30%.

100-Page Report Outlines Why the American Cancer Society is a Scam

A 100-page document outlines how the American Cancer Society couldn’t care less about curing cancer and is only interested in profiting off disease.

Failed Monsanto GMO Corn Pushed on African Countries with Help of Bill Gates

Monsanto’s GMO corn varieties are being pushed on South Africa, despite the corn completely failing to do its job and creating ‘super insects’.

Cannabinoids (Marijuana Compounds) Lead to Leukemia Cancer Cell Destruction

Yes, marijuana can fight cancer. One new study reveals how various compounds within cannabis are able to work together to kill human leukemia cells.