Revealing a Unique Cancer Treatment Successfully Used by a Famous Run-Away

A boy named Billy Best ran away from chemo 20 years ago. The two alternative therapies Billy Best chose involved Rene Caisse’s popular Essiac Tea and 714X.

Getting Ready to Microchip the Entire Human Race

Former (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan unveiled a small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017.

Goji Berries Could Mend BPA Damage in Male Reproductive Organs

In a 2013 study, the unassuming goji berry showed promising results in protecting and potentially reversing BPA damage to male reproductive organs.

4 Nasty Substances Found in Most U.S. Meat

Everyone deserves to know what exactly makes up the food they’re eating. To start, learn about these 4 toxic substances found in most U.S. meat.

10 Ways to Reduce Radiation from Cell Phone Use

It is easy to see why protecting yourself from cell phone radiation is more important than ever. Here are 10 tips for reducing exposure to radiation.

New Jersey Gov. Resists Marijuana Legalization Despite Public Support

Though more than half of voters support legalization of recreational marijuana in New Jersey, the governor will never budge on all-out marijuana resistance.

Student Drug Testing Highly Prevalent but Ineffective, Says Study

A new study indicates more high school students than ever are exposed to drug testing programs, despite the fact that they do far more harm than good.

Energetic Walking Found to Increase Brain Size, Preserve Cognition

Taking a brisk walk just a few times a week could be enough to increase the size of your brain and even help stave off age-related dementia.

Cancer Boy Ran Away from Chemo 20 Years Ago, Is Alive and Well Due to Alternative Solutions

In 1994, a cancer riddled teenage boy ran away to avoid having chemotherapy. Now, he is alive and well thanks to alternative treatments. Here is his story.

Google Tool Let’s You Compare Foods in Head-to-Head Match-Ups

It turns out you can compare apples to oranges, that is if you’re using Google and know the trick for their little-known nutritional comparison tool.

Some Marijuana Convictions may Be Reversed in Colorado

While it’s highly unlikely that Colorado will release all marijuana offenders or reverse all past convictions, some may have their convictions thrown out.

6 Herbs for Healthy Lungs and Easy Breathing

Have trouble breathing? Keeping lungs healthy and airways clear is important. Here are 6 herbal tools that can help you breathe easier.

History Made: Brazilian Court Says No to Bayer GMO Corn, Sets New Legal Precedence

Brazilians just set an international precedence for getting rid of GMO crops through a shocking and historic legal decision made by the Federal Court.

Heinz Targeted for Claiming Products to be “All Natural” While Containing GMOs

Heinz is being targeted for claiming that its white vinegar product is natural. The product can’t be considered natural because it is made with GMO corn.

Random Drug Testing Recommended for Elders, Children, Basically Everyone

Some experts have recommended random drug testing become commonplace, not only for the safety of everyone, but to line their own pockets.

Kentucky “One Step Closer” to Allowing Medical Marijuana Oil

In the fight for marijuana legalization, Kentucky passed a bill that would allow marijuana oil for certain medical conditions such as seizures.

FDA Approved: Paint Thinner in Children’s Cereals

Hundreds of foods, in dozens of stores, contain a toxic additive known as trisodium phosphate, which the FDA has called ‘safe,’ but is it really?