Study Shows Vitamin C Battles Antibiotic-Resistant Tuberculosis

Big pharma is unable to beat antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis. Thankfully, research points to vitamin C as a potential solution to these resistant strains.

2 Sheriff’s Deputies Accused of Planting Weapons in LA Marijuana Dispensary

Los Angeles county prosecutors accused 2 former sheriff’s deputies of planting weapons at a legal pot dispensary to try to establish grounds for arrest.

Preventing Age-Related Blindness with Wine?

Did you know that red wine, thanks to polyphenols and beneficial antioxidants, can protect the eye muscles from age-related deterioration.

Vermont’s Mandatory GMO Labeling Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

Will Vermont be the first state to pass an active mandatory GMO labeling bill? The GMO labeling bill in Vermont was recently sent straight to the Governor.

96,000 Pounds of Mislabeled Kraft Hot-Dogs Recalled for Allergen Risks

Kraft has admitted to mislabeling some 96,000 pounds of hot dogs, posing a health risk for those who suffer from milk allergies.

4 Awesomely Healthful Sources of Immune-Boosting Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most widely used supplemented nutrients, but all you need is food. Here are 4 awesome sources of immune-boosting vitamin C.

Nevada Initiative Takes Aim at Marijuana Legalization

A marijuana advocacy group recently filed a petition to legalize possession of marijuana in Nevada, though it will be some time before a decision is made.

Studies Show Pine Bark as a Natural, Cutting Edge Cancer Fighter

Pcynogenol, derived from pine tree bark, has been shown in multiple studies to stop cancerous tumor growth and stave off inflammation.

Conflict: Government Agencies are Infiltrating the Pesticide Industry

A recent report details the global infiltration of government regulatory agencies. Efforts to regulate toxic chemicals are compromised by special interests.

Warning: Nanoparticles in Consumer Products Detrimental to Your Health, But There’s More . . .

Nanotechnologies can be useful, but use of nanoparticles in consumer products, food, and more is causing our DNA to mutate and disease. But there is more.

Why A Good Dose of Gratitude Might be the Only Medicine You Need

Do you believe that gratitude can make you healthier and happier? Studies show that it can improve your immune system and promote positive emotions.

British Government Wants to Force People to Drink Fluoridated Water, Even if they Have No Teeth

Fluoride is a toxic substance that shouldn’t be forced on any population, but the British government is suddenly trying to force fluoride on the people.

That ‘Gut Feeling’: 7 Ways to Better Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition is the unconscious reasoning, the guidance that compels you to turn left when signs may be pointing right. Here are 7 ways to be more intuitive.

Health Benefits of Chives – Cancer Prevention and More

Chives are far more than the little green bits on your baked potato—they have numerous health benefits that make them a worthy for more spotlight.

Whooping Cough Morphing into Superbug Due to Vaccine Use in Australia

The bacterium that causes whooping cough is morphing into a superbug most likely caused by vaccine use, and can no longer be controlled by vaccines.

Canada Issues New Medical Marijuana Laws to Encourage Booming Pot Industry

Canada passed new laws regarding production and distribution of marijuana—allowing for any licensed company to grow and ship their product to patients.

Turmeric Shown to Save Your Brain from Toxic Fluoride Poisoning

A recent study proves that a compound in the spice turmeric can prevent and even reverse damage from exposure to toxic fluoride.