10 Quick Reasons You Gotta Love Chocolate

Many people may not know it, but there are actually numerous health benefits of chocolate. Here are 10 quick reasons to enjoy chocolate.

Eat Apples to Reduce Obesity and Diabetes Risk, Studies Say

One particular fruit – apples – can be especially helpful in losing weight and even preventing diabetes, according to numerous studies.

Calling the FDA, AMA and Big Pharma: What the Term “Medical Mafia” Means

Do you know what the term “Medical Mafia” means? Here’s a brief historical summary of the unjust actions of the FDA, AMA, and big pharma.

Eating Broccoli Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Promotes Heart Health

Some research shows how compounds in broccoli can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and heart issues by promoting a strong, healthy heart.

Europe, Nations Around the World Rejecting Monsanto

Monsanto has given up pursuing operations in Europe and other nations around the world — but when will they be kicked out of the US?

USDA Expands Investigation into Escape of Experimental Monsanto GM Wheat

The USDA appears to be more concerned than they’re letting on to over the escape of Monsanto’s genetically modified wheat into the environment.

4 Herbs to Reduce Stress

There are many herbs that can provide effective stress-busting benefits. Here are 4 herbs you can use to reduce stress and feelings of anxiety.

Hemp Oil’s Healing Benefits Now Legally Attainable Anywhere After Years of Suppression

For years cannabis has been wrongly suppressed, as the plant possesses numerous highly beneficial compounds that offers many health benefits.Now, hemp oil can be legally purchased anywhere.

5 Herbal Remedies to Quell a Cough

There are several herbal remedies that can help stifle your cough, soothe your throat, and reduce irritation. Here are 5 herbs you can use for cough relief.

10-Year Study Confirms Carrots’ Heart-Boosting Benefits Once Again

While a healthy diet and regular exercise can keep your cardiovascular system fit, specific foods may have a greater preventative impact than others. Carrots are one of these foods.

Breaking: Connecticut Senate Passes GMO Labeling Bill

The Connecticut state Senate has amended and passed GMO labeling bill HB 6527 by an overwhelming vote of 134-3.

Photos: Children Around the World with their Favorite Possessions

Amazing photos taken across the globe show what children value most around the world, from toys to blankets.

Topically-Applied Broccoli Extract Found to Prevent Skin Cancer

Some research shows that a certain compound in cruciferous vegetables could reduce your risk of skin cancer when applied to your skin.

8 Natural Mosquito Repellents to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

While there are plenty of sprays, lotions, and gels that offer to keep mosquitoes away, we all know these chemical baths are far from safe. Luckily, you can easily use a natural mosquito repellent to get rid of mosquitoes and bypass the harmful chemicals.

Start Sprouting to Receive up to 900% More Nutrition from Your Food

Are you aware that eating sprouts can yield up 900% more nutritional value compared to eating full grown food? Start sprouting to boost your health!

Top 5 Alkaline Foods and Why You Should Care

Many processed and unhealthy foods are acid-forming, but many are alkaline forming too. Here are 5 alkaline foods to get you started.

Our Gut is our ‘Second Brain': It Affects Mood and Health More than You Know

There are millions of neurons lining your gut almost as extensively as in your brain – do you think that might have something to do with your mood, your ‘intelligence’, and your overall health?