Scientists Make Breakthrough in the Fight Against Superbugs

Scientists in Australia have created a polymer peptide that rips apart superbugs without harming surrounding cells, or making the bacteria immune to it.

Major Breakthrough Allows Scientists to Better Understand Inflammatory Diseases

Breaking research shows inflammation on a cellular level in inflammatory conditions. This research may help with future therapies.

Florida Dentist Accused of Making Millions of Dollars While Abusing Children

This Florida dentist is accused of abusing low-income children and performing unnecessary procedures in order to cash out with the government.

Got Kidney Stones? A Few Roller Coaster Rides Might Help

After hearing stories of patients who passed kidney stones after riding a Disney World roller coaster, researchers decided to conduct a little experiment.

Obesity Rates are DECLINING in these 4 States

Researchers have recently released a report showing that obesity is actually on the decline in 4 US states – New York, Ohio, Minnesota, and Montana.

Monsanto Gets the First CRISPR License to Modify Crops

Monsanto has licensed the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool, which will allow the agritech giant to add and delete DNA from crops.

Drug Resistant Gonorrhea Has Made its Way to Hawaii

Gonorrhea that is becoming resistant to the last line of defense has made its way into Hawaii, which may usher in a new age of untreatable STDs.

The FDA is Offering a Cash Prize for an App to Fight Opioid Overdoses

The FDA will host a contest that will allow programmers to submit a smartphone app designed to reduce opioid overdose deaths.

Connecticut Farmers Market Meat Recalled After 7 Sickened

Seven people across 4 states have become ill from meat packaged at Adams’ slaughterhouse in Massachusetts, 2 required hospitalization.

Brain Cancer Now Deadlier than Leukemia for Children, Report Shows

The rise in fatalities of childhood brain cancer represents the advancement in childhood leukemia treatments in the past 15 years.

Swedish Scientist Edits Genes of Healthy Embryos for First Time

A Swedish researcher is the first-ever scientist to attempt to edit genes of healthy human embryos in an effort to treat infertility and eradicate diseases

How Healthy is Your Country? The US Needs Some Improvement

A new study published by Lancet examines how healthy countries are against UN standards, and none are doing exceptionally well.

Progress: U.S. Attorney General Admits Pot is NOT a Gateway Drug

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted in a speech at a Kentucky high school that marijuana is NOT a gateway to harder drugs.

200 Millions Americans Threatened by Toxic Levels of Carcinogenic Chemical in Tap Water

Over 218 Americans have high levels of the carcinogenic chemical chromium-6 in their drinking water, which can lead to cancer and other health problem.

New Study Definitively Links Texas Earthquakes to Fracking and Drilling

A study has definitively linked earthquakes in Texas and Oklahoma to fracking and drilling, which could cause man made disasters in the future.

6-Year-Old British Girl with Cancer in Remission After Experimental Treatment

Six-year-old Erin Cross’ parents raised $180,000 to send her to the US for experimental leukemia treatment. She is now in remission.

World Leaders Meet to Finally Address Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

The UN General Assembly formally approved a declaration aimed at helping world leaders tackle the humanity-threatening problem of antibiotic resistance.