Monsanto to Cut 2,600 Jobs as GMO Seed Sales Fall

Is Monsanto finally going down? The biotech giant announced a plan to cut 2,600 jobs in an effort to cut costs — about 11.6 percent of the workforce.

5 Whole-Body Pumpkin Health Benefits

It is time to start breaking out the pumpkins! From promoting vision to protecting your heart, here are 5 pumpkin health benefits.

Obesity in Midlife Linked to Earlier Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers announced that being overweight or obese at age 50 puts people at greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease early.

Rare Diseases like Chagas and Leprosy are Becoming more Commonplace in the U.S.

Chagas disease is spreading so quickly through the southern U.S. that researchers are calling it the new AIDS in the Americas.

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia: GMOs Aren’t Needed to Feed World

As the United States embraces GMOs, the prime minister of Russia says that we don’t need GMOs to feed the world, as Russia bans GMO crop production.

Coca-Cola ‘Pays Scientists to Protect Sugary Drinks, Junk Food’

It seems that mega-corp Coca Cola may be paying scientists to hide the fact that sugar-laden beverages and junk food are fueling obesity and disease rates.

Endoscopic Procedures are More Dangerous than Previously Thought

Evidence surfaced that contaminated endoscopes are behind many hospital outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. The FDA has known about it for years.

Bison is the Healthier Alternative to Beef and Consumers Love it

Beef is out and bison is in. Bison is grass-fed, contains fewer calories, and is a lean, delicious alternative everyone is turning to.

Maggot-Infested School Lunches Served Up Again

In a new level of school lunch madness, worms were found in a Sheehan High school lunch fruit cup. Is it time for school lunch reform?

Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Found to Disturb Hormonal Balance

A group of scientists have found that Monsanto’s Roundup and glyphosate damage the endocrine system and disrupts hormonal balance in rats.

EPA Approval of Bee-Killing Neonics Struck Down by Court

A federal appeals court recently struck down the EPA’s approval of an insecticide called sulfoxaflor in order to protect the nation’s honey bees.

After a Year of Lies, Michigan Governor Admits High Lead Levels in Tap Water

A public health emergency was recently declared in Flint, Michigan due to concerning amounts of lead in the tap water.

The New Beauty Trend Among Women: Microwaving Your Armpits

Women fed up with deodorant and shaving their armpits are going to the extreme measure of microwaving their armpits to get rid of the stink and hair.

Birth Control Pills for Men may Soon be on the Way

Researchers in Japan say men might soon get a birth control pill of their own, one making sperm unable to fertilize female eggs.

Anti-GMO Labeling DARK Act Could Soon Slip Through – Let’s Stop It!

A bill that would ruin GMO labeling in the United States, known as the DARK Act, may move forward past the Senate unless we can halt the dangerous plan.

Wales Announces Complete Ban on GMOs with 15 other EU Countries

EU nation Wales has announced that the country will take advantage of new EU rules allowing countries to opt out of growing genetically modified crops.

Heavy Coffee Drinking Linked to Improved Colon Cancer Survival Rates

Treated colon cancer patients who drink 4+ cups a day of caffeinated coffee were 52 percent less likely to have had a recurrence of colon cancer.