Starbucks Testing Recyclable Cups in the UK to Tackle Waste

Starbucks is currently testing 100% recyclable paper cups in the UK. The coffee chain goes through 4 billion cups a year, including 2.5 billion in the UK.

Construction Worker Creates Life-Size ‘Where’s Waldo’ for Children in Hospital

Construction worker Jason Haney created a giant Waldo to hide near a children’s hospital so that sick kids can play Where’s Waldo every morning.

First Dissolvable Heart Stent Approved in the United States

An alternative to metal heart stents, dissolvable heart stents have recently been approved by the FDA for use on patients in the United States.

Study Finds Obscure Form of Herpes in Many Infertile Women

A study explains why some women with unexplained fertility issues are unable to conceive – the women had copies of a rare form of the herpes virus.

Pokemon Go Reported to Help Players with Depression

Since Pokemon Go released this month, it has had some surprising impacts, including offering benefits for players who suffer from mental health conditions.

Former President Jimmy Carter Visits 10-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

Ten-year-old cancer survivor Carter Beckhard-Suozzi’s dream was fulfilled when former president came to pay the boy a visit.

Zika Found in Common House Mosquitoes in Brazil

It seems the Zika virus is showing no signs of slowing in Brazil, where researchers have found that the virus is present even in many house mosquitoes.

Researchers to Trial Ketamine as a Treatment for Alcoholism

Researchers are looking for volunteers to be injected with ketamine to evaluate whether or not it can be used as a treatment for alcoholism.

This State Set the Record by Powering 6 Million Homes with Solar Energy

California is taking the lead on solar and renewable energy, requiring that 33 percent of electricity come from the sun and wind by 2020.

Study: Fracking may Increase Asthma Flare ups by 50%

A new study suggests that fracking may contribute to higher instances of asthma, with those living near fracking sites having trouble with controlling asthma.

Greek Scientists Find a ‘Way to Reverse Menopause’

Researchers in Greece have developed a new blood treatment that can supposedly help post-menopausal women have children at any age.

Two Children’s Hospitals Help Kids Recover Using Pokemon Go

Two hospitals have capitalized on the craze of the virtual reality game Pokemon Go to help motivate their patients to get out of bed and boost their morale.

Black Beans Recalled After Pen Found in Product

Hy-Vee, which is based in Des Moines, Iowa, has recently recalled several varieties of black beans due to a pen being found in one of the cans by a customer.

Research: Diabetes Drugs Don’t Benefit Cardiovascular Health

A study found that 9 classes of diabetes drugs thought to help lower the risk of a major cardiovascular incident do not increase survival rates in those with Type 2 diabetes.

Researchers Say This Diet Greatly Protects Against Disease

A new meta-analysis suggests that even high-fat Mediterranean diets reduce the risk of heart problems, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and other health problems.

Scientists May Soon Make Muscles and Bones from Human Stem Cells Quickly

Scientists have mapped the signals needed to make bone, heart muscle and other cells types from human stem cells within a matter of days.

Apple and GlaxoSmithKline Team Up for an Arthritis Study

GlaxoSmithKline announced that it will be partnering up with Apple to conduct a study on rheumatoid arthritis – using Apple’s ‘ResearchKit.’