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Warning: 3 Fast Food Ingredient Secrets

While many of us live a largely sedentary lifestyle, the United States remains a highly mobile society, addicted to the road and high-speed, demanding daily schedules—hence, our addiction to fast food. The convenience of this food, however, comes at a high price belying its reputation as the food of the masses. The ingredients in these foods, unfortunately, make the exchange little more than murder.

New Discovery Sheds Light on Protecting Cells from Aging

In past eras, the ketogenic diet was used to treat epilepsy and control seizures, requiring periods of fasting to produce what we now know as ketones, a by-product of metabolism. But Gladstone Institutes scientists have found that the low-carb, low-calorie diet also has an anti-aging effect.

Over 40 Percent of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Disorders, Officials Not Helping

About 41 percent of 57,000 children have tested positive for early signs of possible thyroid cancer, and four out of five evacuees are experiencing thyroid abnormalities. Even doctors in Tokyo are noticing a sharply increased rate of strange symptoms among residents. Government officials, however, are doing their best to keep it quiet.

Healthy Hot Dogs? Hot Dogs and Processed Meats as Bad as Cigarettes

Are you a smoker? How about a hot dog eater? According to a national medical group, hot dogs are just as detrimental as cigarettes to your health. The D.C. -based alternative health group called the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ran a $2,750 billboard that read “Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your health.” But it’s true; healthful hot dogs may not exist, along with healthful processed meat.

How We Are All Eating Questionable Nanotechnology

GMOs and pesticides aren’t the only things that might be lurking on your dinner plate. It is now likely that we’re unknowingly ingesting and breathing nanoparticles. Why is this a problem? Although nanotechnology may have its place in our ever-changing civilization, effects that may ensue when it hunkers down inside our organs is unknown—even to the manufacturers putting it in our food.

5 Strange (but True) Health Tips

Big Pharma and conventional medicine have made us accustomed to reaching for an over-the-counter drug when we experience an itch or ache. Nature’s medicine cabinet, however, is bursting with healthier and less expensive remedies. Here are 5 strange but true health tips you might not know about.

Nutritional Value of Food at Risk: Fruits and Vegetables Now Less Nutritious

The amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables has diminished greatly over the years.One apple today may carry half the amount of nutrients as an apple produced 50 years ago. Although it is still very true that everybody should be consuming many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (preferably organic), the sad truth is that we would need to consume many times more of them in order to get the nutrients we need.

4 Natural Liver Detox Foods

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or age gracefully, in all likelihood, your liver could use a little attention. There are many reasons to cleanse your liver, but if you’re not quite ready to go on a full-blown cleanse, try incorporating more of these 4 liver detox foods into your diet.

The Dirt on Peak Fertilizer: What You Need to Know about Big Ag and Farmland

We take so much for granted: water, food, clean air, and the earth we walk upon—which, by the way, is changing for the worse under our very feet. Thanks to aggressive farming techniques by factory farms, our soil is becoming depleted of necessary nutrients. Very soon (and sooner than we’d like), it may be difficult to grow much of anything.

3 Reasons the French Sperm Count Dropped by 1/3 in 17 Years

In a study involving over 26,600 French men, researchers concluded that average sperm count decreased by 32.2% in the past 17 years. We’re sad, but not surprised. In addition to the number of sperm dropping dramatically, the number of normally formed sperm also declined by a third.

Fracking Linked to More Tremors, Sinkholes than Media Wants to Admit (Video)

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the media to pretend that fracking is the diet of choice for our voracious appetite for energy. The controversial practice of injecting water, sand, and other materials into fissures to exploit natural gas is known to cause earthquakes, contaminate water and therefore lead to human and animal illnesses, and even create sinkholes 4 football fields wide.

Doctor Says Modern Wheat a “Perfect, Chronic Poison”

Many of us are shunning wheat for lots of reasons, but we usually cite gluten as the culprit. Cardiologist and author Dr. William Davis, however, says it’s not gluten that makes modern wheat a “perfect, chronic poison.” It’s the fact that genetically modified wheat has become the wheat we know today.

US Court Lets Big Pharma Sail, Cracks Down on Natural Health

Both wings of the government have been found in bed with Big Pharma, and now a new decision by the federal appeals court will make it even more difficult for them to mind the marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals. A conviction of a sales representative for promoting off-label use of a prescription drug was thrown out. Now it may be even easier for Big Pharma to sell drugs.

Nestlé to Start Producing Herbal Remedies…With Big Pharma?

Nestlé will join hands with Chi-Med to form a new group, Nutrition Science Partners (NSP) to research and produce herbal remedies. Their first target is gastro-intestinal wellbeing but could extend to even brain and metabolic health.

Big Tobacco Ordered to Admit they Deceived Consumers for Decades

Philip Morris, R.J.. Reynolds Tobacco Co., and Lorillard Tobacco Co. are currently dining on crow. A federal judge has ordered tobacco companies to publicly admit that they have been lying to consumers about the deadly effects of smoking for decades.

Sorry Monsanto: Govt Admits GM Bt Cotton Crops Fail 40%

The government of Maharashtra, a state in western India, has acknowledged for the first time that Bt cotton is a failure that will likely reduce yields by 40%, from 3.5 to 2.2 million quintal. The region’s cotton farmers will face about Rs6,000 crore, over 1 billion USD. Accumulated losses are to be even more staggering: Rs 20,000 crore, or about 3.6 billion USD, due to rising cultivation costs.

Massive Louisiana ‘Sinkhole’ Leaking Radiation, Catastrophe Concerns

With the effects of the 2010 BP oil spill still haunting Louisiana shores, the southern part of the state is gearing up for another man-made disaster: a flammable, radioactive sinkhole. Meanwhile, local residents are scrambling to relocate from the ravenous anomaly capable of swallowing trees 100 feet tall, while others are filing lawsuits against Texas Brine, the salt mining company that triggered the collapse.