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New USDA Food Plate Pie Far from Average American Diet

One of the USDA’s latest efforts in “bettering” the American diet is the revamping of the old school Food Pyramid into a new Food Plate. They say it’s easier to understand than the old pyramid, but critics say it misses the mark.

Texas Schools Photograph Lunches Calories

A recently-begun program in Texas where photographs are taken of cafeteria trays is certainly interesting, though it isn’t clear how effective it will be – or how “correct” this move actually is. Some say it’s a waste of money. I say the money would be better spent on giving the same children access to local, fresh produce.

OTC Pain Meds Interfere with Anti-Depressants

A recent study shows those antidepressants may not be able to provide as many benefits as one would think, particularly when used in conjunction with over-the-counter pain medicine.

Hair Straightening Products Could Release Formaldehyde

According to recent warnings, hair straightening and smoothing systems like Brazilian Blowout use formaldehyde, which can cause illness and even cancer.

Overdose Deaths by Big Pharma’s Dangerous Pills Up

The latest numbers show that total drug fatalities grew 3% in 2010 and that they likely followed the same trend into 2011. This despite state and federal efforts to educate the public on potential dangers and to restrict the sale and use of the most deadly prescription painkillers.

Public Rejects New H1N1-Loaded Vaccine: Flu Scare is Failing

Medical officials are trying desperately to scare the public into getting the new H1N1-loaded vaccine, but this flu scare seems to be failing due to growing public awareness of vaccine risks.