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Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer that has broken numerous health-related news stories.

Some of her biggest pieces revolve around exposing the fraud and lies told by Big Food and Biotech. If you want to learn how food companies are tainting the food supply with toxic ingredients or how genetically modified foods are leading to the downfall of our food supply. Christina's articles are must-reads.

Her blog is Yoga for the New World, and her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body and Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Recent articles by Christina Sarich

The Importance of Blood Flow and the Symbolism of Circulating Blood

Circulating blood is what keeps our immune system healthy and our heart pumping. It literally gives life, so keep your blood healthy.

Rice Bran Oil Benefits: Preventing Depression, Cancer, Diabetes, and More

Rice bran oil contains many healthful compounds which help with countless ailments. Here are some rice bran oil benefits you should know about.

USDA Needs More Time to “Review” Monsanto and GMO Crops?

The USDA is brushing off activists, saying it needs ‘more time’ to conduct environmental studies on Monsanto’s GMO crops.

4 Ways to Support the Largest Organ of Detoxification: The Skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have that helps to detoxify our cells so that we can stay healthy. Here are a few important ways to help the skin detox.

Shopping App Let’s You Boycott Monsanto and Others

A new free app called ‘Buycott’ allows you to use your Android or iPhone to analyze products and determine if you’re supporting Monsanto’s GMOs.

Amazing Ashwagandha: The Plant for Stress Reduction, Cancer Prevention, and More

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an amazingly beneficial plant used for centuries to combat stress, prevent cancer, and as a relaxant.

‘Love’ Hormone Oxytocin Found to Reduce Stress, Bring Peace to Intimate and Global Relationships

The ‘love’ hormone known as oxytocin has been shown to lower the ‘stress’ hormone cortisol and regulate interpersonal relationships in a positive way.

Research Links Music to Increased Immunity, Better Mood

Music boosts mood, which changes how our body reacts to stress. It even ignites chemical responses to help our bodies fight viruses and bacteria.

Proof Positive: Our Thoughts, Emotions Affect our Physiological Health

Scientists are continuously finding that thoughts and emotions may have more to do with our physical health than anything else.

FDA Wants to Increase Budget by Nearly $1 Billion, 94% Coming from Drug Industry

The FDA is looking to increase their annual budget by nearly $1 billion, with about 94 percent of the funds coming from fees paid by the drug industry.

The Secret Benefits of Eating Organic Brown Seaweed

In recent press, brown seaweed has been hailed as a super food, and there is good reason why – the food offers tons of benefits.

Helping the Brain Clean Itself – Researchers Find Internal Brain-Cleansing System

We can now see how the brain washes itself – not in the metaphoric sense, but how the glial cells, which power cerebrospinal fluid, help wash out guck.

Diabetes Drugs Cost $35 Billion/Year: Why are we Using Tax Dollars to Buy 400,000 Tons of Sugar?

It should be alarming to know that diabetes drugs are costing us $35 billion a year while a great deal of money is being spent on diabetes-fueling sugar.

Goat Milk vs. Cow Milk: The Milk Battle

Goat milk vs. cow milk: which is better? Many people don’t believe in drinking milk at all, but the rest of the world drinks more goat milk than cow milk.

Teacher Suspended for Showing Garden Tools in School

In Chicago, school officials fired a 17-year veteran teacher for showing students wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers in a discussion about ‘tool use’.

Bioelectromagnetics: Bees & Flowers Communicate Using Electrical Fields, Scientists Find

Did you know that flowers and bees communicate with one another about the amount and quality of pollen available using bioelectromagnetics?

Hemp to the Rescue Again – Cannabinoids Protect the Brain from Oxygen Starvation

A recent study found that cannabinoids in cannabis help keep the brain and heart oxygenated instead of suffocating on plaques and congested arteries.