The concern over antibiotics being over-prescribed has been going on for years. Now it looks like the push for less prescriptions has finally paid off. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there is a 10 percent drop in antibiotic prescription rates for kids 14 and younger since the early 90’s.

Antibiotics are prescribed about 50 percent more than they should be. Doctors usually prescribe them for unnecessary issues, such as colds and the flu, which are viral infections. Antibiotics are only meant to handle bacterial infections. There has been a 25 percent drop in antibiotic prescriptions for matters such as sore throats, colds, and some other respiratory infections. But despite the drop, doctors are still over-prescribing.

Doctors aren’t always the bad guys, though. It is often parents who push for their children to receive antibiotics. Even then, parents aren’t solely to blame. We live in a society where drugs are consistently pushed on us. They are simply the “solution” to every health problem, as far as government agencies are concerned. As awareness grows, parents will undoubtedly pull back on their request for medication for their children, and give them some vitamin c instead.

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