People around the world have been reaping the benefits of natural health for thousands of years. With the recent influx of information concerning the beneficial properties of vitamin D, vitamin C, and omega-3, there has been a large-scale awakening as to the potency of these amazing nutrients. Unfortunately, we live the world that is reluctant to accept groundbreaking scientific fact. with massive hit campaigns being launched against the natural health industry, there is much disinformation in the air.

The fact of the matter is that there is a multitude of science proving the effectiveness of natural health. With the introduction of so many new pharmaceuticals (that are simply adaptations of natural supplements with a patent), most people are taking large amounts of prescription pills every year. Instead of turning to proper nutrition, people like to try taking whatever their doctor recommends them. The sad fact is that most doctors receive very minimal training in regards to nutrition. In fact, there is no requirement that doctors learn about nutrition before they receive their medical license.

There is no substitute to proper nutrition. You can take all the pharmaceuticals in the world, and try every new drug put out by the FDA, but you will be nowhere near as healthy if you were to simply eat the right way. In many countries other than the United States they understand this strong principle. The health crisis in America exists due to the lack of dietary knowledge that the people possess. If the public were to educate themselves regarding what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat, we would be a rather healthy nation.

The United States currently has access to an array of herbs, super foods, health supplements, and other natural health alternatives. With all these options, it is a wonder that a large majority of the public does not utilize them. The reason most likely lies in the fact that most so-called health practitioners love to tote the ridiculous misconceptions concerning these products. An example of this is the recent controversy over vitamin D. Vitamin D is quite possibly the most research vitamin in history, with thousands of studies to back it’s effectiveness. While the research shows it helps with weight loss, preventing cancer, and a multitude of other conditions, there is still a huge opposition to vitamin D usage. Where is the science in that?

When analyzing the hit pieces written regarding vitamins and minerals, it is easy to see that there there are many erroneous conclusions drawn in a rather hasty manner. The quality of vitamins and minerals determines their potency. Synthetic vitamins do not work nearly as well as vitamins in their natural forms. The studies in question analyze synthetic vitamins as opposed to the vitamins in their natural forms. This creates for incorrect data, fostering incorrect assumptions about the safety of vitamins.

Organic food has also been targeted by faulty research claims. Even though research has shown that organic food is far healthier than conventional food that is filled with neurotoxins and additives, the ridiculous notion that organic food is no different continues to pollute the airwaves. The studies that claim organic food is no different than “regular” food are not examining 100% pure organic products. Many so-called organic food items are simply not. This goes for products claiming to be natural as well.

While there is much opposition to natural health alternatives, the information is out there. Instead of clinging to false misconceptions and pseudo-science that claims man-made chemicals are healthier than the earth’s resources, examine the information for yourself.

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