Sexual activity in the elderly woman is associated with healthier aging and an overall better quality of life, a new study reports. The researchers analyzed information gathered from 1,200 women in San Diego from ages 60 to 89. They found that:

  • 67% of the women ages 60-69 were satisfied with overall sex life
  • 60% of women ages 70-79 were satisfied with overall sex life
  • 61% of women ages 80-89 were satisfied with overall sex life

Even though levels of sexual activity varied greatly depending on the woman’s age, the satisfaction of sexual activity, successful aging, and quality of life were positive.

Study co-author Wesley K. Thompson, an assistant professor of psychiatry with the Stein Institute for Research on Aging at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, says the following:

What this study tells us is that many older adults retain their ability to enjoy sex well into old age…This is especially true of older adults who maintain a higher level of physical and mental health as they grow older. Furthermore, feeling satisfied with your sex life — whatever your levels of sexual activity — is closely related to your perceived quality of life.

The study shows overall that successful aging may be directly affected by the level of sexual satisfaction.

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