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5 Scientifically-Supported Tips for (Nearly) Instant Happiness

Some people are naturally happy. You probably know one, or maybe you are one. These people are quick to smile or offer the “bright side” when encountered with a friend who needs a boost. Minor setbacks are seen by this crew as just that—minor, rather than the serious life-changers that otherwise unhappy people experience. And while there is no true scientific formula for achieving happiness, there are indeed ways to be more happy more often, according to science.

Unfortunately, it seems that an astronomical number of Americans are lacking feelings of bliss and enjoyment. Instead, 21 million people (an underestimated figure, no doubt) suffer from depression, which is caused by everything from financial issues to a lack of love. And many individuals suffering from depression or sadness are on prescription drugs which are most often accompanied by more side-effects than benefits. While it’s hard to convince someone on depression medication that they may be able to reverse their situation completely naturally, it is possible.

5 Scientifically-Supported Ways to Boost Happiness

Here are a few research-backed strategies for increasing happiness in your own life:

Depression is a serious problem. But too often people are quick to subscribe to the belief that the only control they have over it involves taking a pill. This simply isn’t the case. Natural, active health can lead to happiness.