Flu Vaccine Insert Admits it Causes Deadly Nerve Disease, Paralysis, and Death

Experts have asserted that the H1N1 vaccine, now been added to the regular seasonal flu shot, can lead to a killer nerve disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome and even death. The link has been confirmed by studies, anecdotal evidence, and even the vaccine insert itself.

Flu Shots Contain More than 250 Times the EPA’s Safety Limit for Mercury

Thimerosal is a widely used vaccine preservative that is present in the majority of flu shots and other vaccines. Thimerosal is 49% mercury by volume, an extremely toxic chemical element that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, neurological function, and overall biological function.

Vaccines in Higher Doses Means More Infant Deaths

Although it is now recommended that everyone get the flu shot every 6 months, that is nothing compared to the amount of vaccines infants receive after coming into this world. Vaccines given to children may be directly tied with sudden infant death syndrome. The United States requires 26 vaccines to be given to infants upon birth.

3 Reasons to Reconsider Flu Shots

The fact of the matter is that seasonal flu shots are simply not backed by reputable science, in fact a number of major studies have shown that the seasonal flu shot is not effective at all in preventing the flu.

Institute of Medicine Admits Vaccine Dangers After Review

Long have natural health practitioners been raising the alarm over the risks of vaccinating, and now the prominent Institute of Medicine (IOM) is agreeing with the claims of top experts that vaccines are not free of dangerous side effects.

Vaccine Information Week Starts Today, October 1st

Since Vaccine Information Week was officially announced on September 8, countless natural health and alternative news websites have joined the movement that has truly gone supernova. Millions of readers have already been exposed to the swell of vaccine-related information pieces that were spawned as a result of the official announcement, paving way for the official launch on October 1st to explode on an unprecedented scale.