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Ancient Medicine: Black Seed Oil’s 21 Powerful Health Benefits

Also known as cumin or caraway seed, black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used for over 2000 years and is viewed as a healing wonder, with research suggesting that it could be helpful in fighting illnesses of all kinds. Over 600 peer-reviewed studies prove that this amazing little seed has more than 20 ‘pharmacological actions‘ on the body when taken in food or as a supplement. Yes, black seed oil benefits are plentiful, and you will learn about them here.

The earliest medicinal application of black seed is traced back to ancient Egypt. The Assyrians there called black seed “tin tir” and ingested it to cure stomach problems. Externally, they used it to treat the eyes, nose, and mouth, and for skin inflammations such as rashes, bites, and sores. The Egyptians called it a panacea, and a bottle of it was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Nigella Sativa has (Minimally) These Pharmacological Actions on the Body

Many Black Seed Oil Benefits Abound

Just a few highlights of the many black seed oil benefits on health include:

This amazing seed is…well…kind of amazing! Want to read further on black seed health benefits? You can! And if you have any black seed oil benefits to share below, be sure to write a comment – we could have missed something!